Riegel 43 vs Teller mine.

1 year ago
BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
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What if?

Seen a lot of players clamouring about the Teller mine,(not a lot on the Riegels since they are quite rare)so thought that I would just quickly put this out there.

Maybe we should do something about those two mines?

Allied players complain that Tellers are too cheap and spammable for the damage they do and axis players complain that they are too unpredictable for the price(50 munis)

On the flipside, the Riegel 43 mine is extremely rarely used, because it is in underutilized docs and requires a HT to be laid out.

For good measures their stats(if memory serves me right) are:

Teller: 500 damage and always engine damage.

Riegel: 400 damage and always immobilized.

So what if we switch them? Have the pios build the Riegels and the HT build the Tellers? Perhaps followed by a price hop of either?
Maybe it would be too op? Pios laying Riegels for say.., 80 munis? Doesn't seem very spammable to me tbh...

But let's have a nice Saturday poll, shall we! :)

Riegel 43 vs Teller mine. 8 votes

Keep both as is.
thedarkarmadilloColonelRadec0ld_ShatterhandMeGBillPrincessBubblegumXlossHypos 7 votes
Switch them, but keep the costs as is.
Switch them, but increase cost on the Teller mine.
Switch them, but increase cost on the Riegel 43 mine.
Baálthazor 1 vote
Switch them, but increase costs on both of them.
Dont care either way cause I'm pro and will deal with It!!!
Keep them as is,but increase cost on both.


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    1 year ago
    _Aqua__Aqua_ Posts: 1,951
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    I'm pretty sure those numbers are pre-WFA, 500 would one-shot live Jacksons and Rigels at 400 would one-shot lights which (IIRC) they don't. I'll drop the actual numbers if I can find them.

    As to the change, it would kind of work since the Halftrack can lay Tellers to fight light tanks and Engies can lay Rigels to deal with mediums which makes them more relevant for their time periods, but I think it might leave Ost a bit vulnerable against LVs if they don't choose Doctrinal Tellers. I think just boosting the build time of the Rigel and tweaking the Halftrack to be more valid later in the game would be enough.

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    1 year ago
    Keep both as is.
    Im going to say keep em as is. The ost is supposed to be defensive and a well placed teller can be a saving grace from a marauding light tank. It helps keep them in check vs the extremely vulnerable 4 man squads, vs soneone like the usf its not feasible to sink extra MP that early into enough paks to keep the stuart off your ass and being able to self repair itself means even a well placed mine could just be a waste of muni if your pak isnt nearby that particular flank.

    The reigle is a really fun mine, but adding it non doc would move it towards mirroring USFwith the m20 mines and i really dont like the feel of that, especially with how many other jobs the halftrack already has for the ost and not enough for pios (given their combat *ahem* capabilities)

    For ME it would feel off, and people already bitch like theres no tomorrow about limited access for m20 mines... Ost needs them as they are Basicly, the reigles feel doctrinal also, to me anyways
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    1 year ago
    1ncendiary_Rounds1ncendiar… Posts: 798
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    I believe tellers are 400 dmg and Riegels are slightly less than that. I think either pios should get the riegels in the doctrine or the HT instantly lays them down.

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