The change in T-34 Tanks / Update T-34 tanks.

2 years ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133

Hello and Administrations Relic.

I am sorry for not good description of the English language.

I suggest all players to think. It is necessary to change the T-34 or not?

My point of view and other players want the T-34-76 and T-34-85 was modified.
All want more or different.
Options have written a lot. Everyone would like to see the changes in the T-34-76 and 85 vet 1 ability.

The option is there.
1 normal and some invented or logical.

  • We all know the capabilities of the two T-34 (76 and 85)
    (This is common and Not a good ability.)

  • "Secure Mode" to replace the "Tank Ambush".
    (Model only the T-34-76/85)

  • "Secure Mode" to replace "Tracking"
    (Model only the T-34-76/85)

  • There is another interesting option. I have discussed with players and friends.
    "Secure Mode" is replaced by the Ramming Maneuver (Improved)
    (Now the RAM the main gun does not break and continues to shoot)
    (Model only the T-34-76/85)

  • The latter option!
    "Secure Mode" is replaced by the "Commissioner of communications".
    It's kind of like American tanks On M4A3 which after 1 vet opens the ability 'Radio Net'. for friendly technology.
    And the Soviet will act friendly infantry.
    (Viewing distance increases and armor for infantry)
    Aura operates from 0 to 7-8 meters.

As you option?



  • #2
    2 years ago
    • Sounds OP. And I soviet Main.
    • What I want is T34 that can carry troops. Some mods (spearhead) already offer this. It's really cool :)

    • I wish the KV1 and IS2 and KV2 vet 1 ability changes made it into the game. They really made sense.

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