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NillaNilla Somewhere is Ohio.Posts: 4

I hopped into a 4v4 automatch, everything went well for the first 10 minutes, then a person named raduflorian14, started saying my team was full of "kids" and that we were bad, even though we were winning the game at the moment. He said my unit positions to the enemy. All I did was stack my Riflemen and Rear Echelon on the middle victory point, he then started to attack my base with bazookas, anti-tank guns, and mortar's. He kept telling me I was bad and told me to leave. I never did, I waited 20 minutes of trying to repair my base, and hold back the enemy, while he attacked me. I really love this game, It was the first ever RTS I had played, but some of the people on the game are toxic and rude. I really just wish I could play a normal game with a cool team.

If you can please report raduflorian14. I gurantee it would make the game better for other people who might have gotten into a game with them.

You can report him here.


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    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
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    Then report him, dude..?
    You even got his Id ffs..!!
    You LITERALLY opened your thread RIGHT above one which has the same problem as you and in which I responded to..!

    Read that and if you require further assistance;

    First; remember that teamgames are immensely difficult to balance for a game optimised for 1v1's and;

    Second; read other threads before making your own... It saves the mods an immeasurable amount of time in digging out possible problems to report back to Relic...

    Also, don't name and shame... not only is it punishable,it is also bad manners without proof...! :o

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    NillaNilla Somewhere is Ohio.Posts: 4

    I have screenshots..

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    1 year ago
    NillaNilla Somewhere is Ohio.Posts: 4

    I can post them if you really want me to...

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    NillaNilla Somewhere is Ohio.Posts: 4

    Fyi, I reported him after the game and put a link to maybe teach him a lesson about not being a dick.

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    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
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    No reason to downvote a guy who's only trying to help you. See what that got you; I disliked all four of your posts in return and round and round we go...
    And I was REALLY, sincerely trying to help you..! :s


    NO, I DON'T want you to provide screenshots, dude..! Did you not listen to a word I said..?! Do you even comprehend what naming and shaming means?!
    I was trying to give you a fair warning, is all.
    I understand your anger and frustration, I REALLY do, but if you keep this up, someone other than me, someone with ACTUAL authority on this board will simply lock your thread and you will have achieved NOTHING!!!

    I'm simply trying to both sympathise with you as well as warn you;
    This is NOT the way to go about things, man... report him to Relic or a mod and they will take charge of the situation...

    I'm merely a humble user of this here forum and I am sincerely to the best of my abilities trying to help you, but if you continue down this path, I most certainly will report you both for abuse as well as being a certified Dick..!

    Or, if you truly want, I can simply call a mod and let him/them sort it out, though between dealing with the fallout of a controversial patch as well as maintaining the order of this here forum(which can most certainly be a handful) I'd rather not bother them needlessly...

    As the good dude in the matrix said;

    "The choice is yours, I leave it to you..!"

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    Okay, I did the same thing to this one kid because he was honestly horrible at the game, he was trying to fight 4 riflemen and a machine gun with 2 volks and made a luchs after a stuart was out. He had no sense of the game, no idea how OKW or USF units worked(I believe he didn't know about any units in the game and was really slow). I asked him to leave but he didnt and kept arguing with me. However he reported me and I got an actual ban. So if you want to be heard, send an email to [email protected], they are slow but if you have proof and photo evidence they will ban that kid. @Nilla

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    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    I can't help but feel a bit ashamed on behalf of the veteran crew of CoH2 here...

    I mean, is this really what you guys do to the new kids in this game? Berate them for their lack of skill, yell at them, curse at them and tell them to leave?!
    They're just trying to play the damn game, man! How can you expect someone to get better, when all he is met by is a hailstorm of bs?!

    Maybe try to teach him a thing or two instead or perhaps simply bare with him..?

    Remember, if someone pushes you, you can only take so much before you start pushing back...
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    YinYin Posts: 8

    I would like a mute option in game, I mainly just ignore people anyways and it'd be nice. I don't know if any of these people are right or wrong but as a side note--mute option please. (Or maybe there is a mute command I don't know.)

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    I've reported such several times to relic. They DO NOT CARE and WILL NOT DO ANYTHING about it.

    I took the time on 3 separate occasions to report players. 2 of which I was able to get them to add me on steam. Submitted report I saw them playing every day I was on (3-4 times a week) over the next few weeks.

    Anyone saying to report in here knows it's not worth your time so don't give this advice, please.

    I feel you man. It's happened to me and you want to ring the guys neck through your computer screen but there's nothing you can do except drop and hope the next match is better.

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    1 year ago

    or.... relic could just improve their match making and not que someone with prestige 0 and like 70 hours on the game with/against a person of prestige 2(over 1000 hours) and above. I don't believe that is a good way to close the skill gap. Its like making a silver one play against a global elite in a CSGO match.

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