Brit [2vs2-4vs4] Vickers that can't pin

1 year ago
mrdjjag81mrdjjag81 Posts: 237
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Can you explain why the Vickers is so horrible on pining inf? I know it got good damage and so on but it gets so easly flanked. Just watch this replay please, which provide feedback how darn usless it is on pin. 6 time, yeah 6 freaking time, the squad dident get pin by the first burst. All thought i dident play well it shows still how bad it is on doing its job even when set up correctly. It just hurt the early game as brit, alot.

Solution: Reduce the damage and bit and make it able to pin correct on the first burst.

Playback dl:



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    1 year ago
    Mr_SmithMr_Smith Posts: 343
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    Vickers, MG34 and MG42 all suffer from a bug that causes their performance to permanently diminish under certain circumstances when suppressed. This bug is fixed in DBP.

    Until the bug is resolved, to avoid suffering from it:

    • Every time your MG is suppressed, immediately hit the retreat button
    • Do not, under any circumstances attempt to manually relocate your MG while it being suppressed
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    1 year ago

    Ah, thanks for answer. Then i know, good it been looking at and fixed.

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