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I wrote an article of sorts, no idea if it gets posted immediately, submitted to moderators--or something in between. I posted it and saw a tiny error, which after correcting, I have no idea where my discussion went. If maybe the topic is unacceptable and it got instantly removed, then fine, but I have no indication of that being the case. I have absolutely no idea where it's gone, or how to view it. I have all of it on a text document--I write often and I'm used to this sort of thing. I wouldn't want to re-post something that was instantly taken down though. Any way I can check up on that?

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    Spamfilter, likely. Your post might have gone into the void.
    You need to contact anyone who got some internal access to CMS, if you want to restore it, Though you don't, but spamfilter won't let you post it in the original state - change 2-3 words.

    DoW3 forums are plagued with this somewhere since April (since I have re-joined them, lol) in form of disappearing posts when you edit them. Might be the same (likely to be from what you have wrote).


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