The Farming of Loot Points (and Loot Drops)

3 years ago

As a reminder: farming loot points through the use of mods is limited, as you can only gain a maximum of 24,000 loot points daily--which seems to reset every 24 hours, not at the beggining of the day. (In other words you cannot reach the limit of 24,000 loot points/LP at 11:00 pm/2300 hours and then gain another 24,000 at 12:00 am/2400/0000. Yes it can be confusing. Although I'm not sure if this is entirely true, honestly haven't fully tested it.)--And as a disclaimer, this is by no means considered cheating, this is simply the system.

There are many new players after the recent Humble Bundle sale (I too stole a few codes, probably from people who actually needed them.) and I know that a lot of you were not-so-pleasantly surprised by the prices of items in the store. After that you probably asked yourself, "Well then how do I gain this mystical 'Supply Balance'?". Although many of the items in the store are incredibly over priced, it's semi-logical as it really isn't that difficult to earn loot drops.

With all of this in mind I'm going to go over some of the easier methods:

Mod Farming
Though this probably wasn't your first choice, it's recommended--at least by me--because the loot you gain from it is practically free. I honestly don't enjoy this type of LP farming but it is rather efficient and normally worth the effort. Spoiler alert this method can get incredibly boring. It may prove to be fun at first to use a cheat mod to completely annihilate an Easy AI bot at the five minute mark but, you have to do that hundreds of times. (Not really, I'll get into that in a moment.)

So let's go over the math, because this method is extremely limited--rightfully so.

  • You can gain a maximum of 24,000 LP in one day.
  • One match takes 5 minutes (The match must last longer than five minutes to be deemed "Valid"--this is why there's a limit as it's really not difficult to end a game in 5 minutes. Good job devs, kudos.)
  • You will gain 2,000 LP for each game. (If you lose... what were you doing?)
  • You can play 12 modded games before you will no longer be eligible for LP.
  • This is a total of 1 hour of tedious winning.
  • You will gain 4 loot drops.
    These are some of the recommended mods for this:
    Download these mods: ( and (

  • Both of these mods can allow you to win the game in 5 minutes, using mostly vanilla maps and resource modifiers.

Easy AI Farming
Of course once you accumulate your four loot drops from mod farming you'll realize that no modded game-play will be considered valid. The next go-to is just destroying Easy AI bots. Although I recommend modded farming simply because it's efficient, this method of farming is much, much better for a new player. This is a very good way to practice and, even better, there is no limit to the amount of loot points you can earn. If you're an experienced player I'd recommend playing with the Soviet Army if you're looking to farm. You can easily gain full map control in under 10 minutes and win the game in the next five simply due to your overwhelming numbers (good ol' Soviet Russia comrade!). Again, this method is much more fun and over-all better for you.

Play the Damn Game
Oh wow, never expected this one. No seriously, get a group of friends and just... play the game... for fun... ya know the way it was meant to be played? This game is pretty entertaining especially when you have a group of buddies in a discord call. Give it a shot. As a new player you should be looking for people to play with and actual experience against humans rather than the AI--even if the Expert AI kicks half of our asses.

Good luck out there, noob. <3

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