Rzhev Winter AI bug

2 years ago
NanoFighterNanoFight… Paraíba, BrazilPosts: 2

Hey guys,

Sometimes I play a bit of 'Automatch vs. AI' before get into PvP matches, and I noted that on map 'Rzhev Winter' there is a weird bug that the enemy AI team stay stuck on creating infantry blobs and stay at their base.

Also their base territory for some reason count as our territory, so if you want to call in or train a unit and put a waypoint near their base, the unit will come from there.

In custom matches they work well, both these problems only happens on Automatches.


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    2 years ago

    I have the same problem. The base of my team counts as enemy territory and their base counts as my team's territory. Therefore it's impossible to build structures unless the area I want to build in is connected to the enemy base. This only happens on Rzhev Winter when playing 'Automatch vs. AI'. No mods installed.

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