Recorded hacker live on Username: Gunshot

2 years ago

Having trouble figuring out were to report this, friend and I both were streaming and this guy
just exploited the desync for the win. Not really an exploit but a hack, even his teammate was confused and replied wow you guys were winning.

He even said he was going to do it right before he did it as you can see on vid, meaning this guy intentionally hacked the game for the win. A quick look at his profile shows him with 10+ win streak, climbing the ladder with hacks.

The match says we won, but it says he won as well when he definitely did not. Please take action and ban this guy. I posted this on steam forums as well, was advised to come here.

where are the devs?
he desyncs for the win, trash player.

Sorry for the laggy stream, my friends pc isnt very good and I am gaming on a laptop myself, my stream quality sucked.

You can read in the in game chat him saying its over, we lost, he said this repeatedly throughout the match everytime his nub self lost an encounter until he finally forced the desync.


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