Update bulletins?

3 years ago
So I didn't realy see a thread for this thought I would put it out there.
Any ideas of what bulletins should be updated and perhaps suggestions?
Also I had a question regarding rarity

example: veteran training: Antitank gun 4%pen and recruit training: anti tank 2%pen.

Stacking bulletins being removed do these then not stack? Or was that just duplicate items?

Since these were never changed would seem a waste to use anything but the best one then choose something els.

But in that case would shooting tin cans 2% pen be negated when using the 4% and
Then only retain the 2% faster reload?

Now with the topic of changing bulletins. Some definetly need revisiting such as

Blow it up real Good! : The Majors Artillery Stike ability costs 5% less. I'm sure this bulletin was good when majors ability cost 120munitions but now that it is 60 munitions it only lowers it to 57 a whole 3.

I'm sure there are others out there so please leave a post.
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