Workshop items BUG (from 2years and 3months)

3 years ago
omar_empomar_emp United Arab EmiratesPosts: 533
edited December 2017 in Known Issues

as the British forces came into the game at 1 September 2015 people joining a lobby with any custom/workshop item skin,face plate,victory strike, and decal would make the game unable to begin and as a guy who mainly play annihilation sometimes i cant start the lobby, sometimes need to make a new lobby and waste lot of time and making people hate the game cause of the time wasted in the lobby . so relic please please fix this bug once and for all 2 years and 3 months i lived with this bug and it also makes you waste lot of time in the lobby asking people to equip the workshop items or we cant start the game .

ways of fixing it:
either make the workshop item just show for the player who downloaded it
or make the workshop item force to download to everyone just like before the invasion of the British forces

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