new idea about skirmish co op game mode

2 years ago
Dangminh25Dangminh25 Posts: 66
edited January 2018 in Gamemodes & Missions

2 team, 1 team is player(maybe with AI too) other is AI, the AI have more population point (or not)
same as annihilation game mode but now AI have capture all point
AI have 5-10 minute to set defense in all capture point on the map with infantry (inside house and behide some object) and anything they have (MG, AT, tank), CP near AI base have stronger defense, the AI can only product tank in prepare time after that they can oly product infantry and reinfrorce
AI troops can retreat to reinforce and counter attack to take back the point, they can send some small infantry troop to attack player team base (just like some map in soviet campaign)

player team mission is push through AI defense line and destroy their base

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