Germans are Unbeatable

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This is my first forum post, but I am honestly baffled at the state of the game right now. It is unplayable, and I've switched to MOWAS as a result. The Axis are just too damn powerful in all aspects of a team game (Specifically 2v2). I have tried all sorts of strategies, none of them work.

Slow and Steady

I've have tried a defensive focus. This is the worst strategy against Axis. You can establish a foothold early, and easily last into the mid-game, but the Axis tanks are much too powerful in the late-game. Axis players say, "Plant mines and get AT, and you'll be fine." It sounds good, but rarely works in practice. Any good Axis player will keep constant pressure on you, so planting mines on choke points is quite difficult. Furthermore, the Allies have no reliable AT that is capable of dealing with heavy tanks.
The Americans have 57mm AT guns and bazookas, which are basically like pellet guns. Plus they are easily killed when the tanks are supported with infantry. The Jackson dies very easily, and is always focused at the start of a battle, rendering it almost useless (On top of the fact that the penetration is extremely unreliable. I have bounced the side armor of a Panzer IV before, and even with side armor skirts, that is unacceptable). The Pershing can barely go toe to toe with a Panther, so when a King Tiger comes out, it is basically pointless. Sure you can flank the Tiger, but when the tank is supported by other Pz IVs as well as Shreck spam, you can't survive long.
The best answer the British have is the Firefly. It has a good cannon, but suffers from the long reload and the lack of survivability. The 17 Pounder is a nice weapon, but it will quickly be destroyed by LEIGs and Stukas before the assault commences, and is a waste of 75 fuel.
The Russians are completely screwed. The standard AT Gun is pointless, the T 34s stand no chance, and SU 85s are hardly a good counter against the heaviest German tanks. The heavy Soviet tanks that come from commanders are easily outclassed by their counterparts. Tiger beats IS 2, Elefant beats ISU 152, you get the idea.

Super Aggressive

I have tried being extremely aggressive throughout the entire game, utilizing heavy mobility and attempting to gain control of multiple strategic points in quick succession to starve the Germans of resources early. The main flaw is that this is only feasible on certain maps where units can reposition quickly. However, when the map does fit, there are still problems. The Germans get an MG at the start of the game and can completely lock down a sector. Grenades can sometimes deal with that if RNGesus is with you, but it is not reliable. Plus, getting grenades as Allies severely affects your mid-game because you have to spend 25 fuel (as Americans) to get them. On top of that, you have to spend another 15 fuel if you want to unlock BARs so that your infantry actually have a slight advantage. Meanwhile, the Germans have these advantages built in, only costing munitions. This fuel set back screws your mid-game as if you want to get a quick Sherman, you either have to bypass your Lieutenant or Captain, both of which have necessary units. The .50 Cal is necessary for being able to lock down points from infantry and light vehicles, and the AT gun is necessary for the Panzer IV. However, choose to get both and the best you will be able to field when the first Pz IV arrives is a Stuart, which will obviously lose. You can beat at Pz with a Stuart with great micro, but if the German is smart and supports the Pz, you have no chance. At this point, the lack of a real counter to the Pz is where it all ends for the Allies. You could say to build fuel caches, but the 200 MP price tag is highly unrealistic as the Americans are already at a big enough disadvantage at the start thanks to MG 42s and the built in infantry upgrades of the Germans. Spending any amount of manpower that is not for units is a death sentence.

Somewhere in Between

I have tried a mix of the two strategies. My partner and I will rush a point, and lock it down. Meanwhile, we will creep out, to the next VP, while having flanking units to cut off supply lines and attack the rear. It sort of works at the beginning because the double team will quickly help you take a point, but the Germans get a lot of map control at the start. You can push out effectively if you use your units right, but there is one problem to this. German mortars. The mortars, which are always protected by MGs, will ravage your back line as you push, and because you are already spread fairly thin, you are easily defeated. When you backline falls, you are quickly encircled and have to retreat or die. You could say to build your own mortars, but this never works because you need the mortars to support your assault. This means that you have to be moving them with your front line, so they can never reliably return fire to the enemy mortars. Plus, due to the inaccuracy of mortars, it is completely based on luck if your units will survive the bombing before the enemy mortar is taken out. By this point, heavy casualties are sustained, and Grenadiers with MGs and Panzergrens easily wipe you out.


This game is in a bad state right now. The recent December patch had some nice nerfs for the Germans, but the game is still unbalanced to high hell. Especially with some of the nerfs the allies received (taking smoke grenades from riflemen, really Relic, that is the one slight chance we had against the mg spam). The Allies are beat in every stage of the game, and its not close. Feel free to disagree with me, but please none of the standard BS that you get from most Axis players (Ex. The Allies are easy, just get AT and MG, Allied infantry OP, etc.) If you want to argue my points, please at least put a little bit of thought and effort into it because as you can tell I put some effort into this post. Furthermore, if anybody has any tips on how to beat the Axis, I'm all ears.


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    As allied, (at least as soviet or amerikanski) you need to use your cheaper units to try to overwhelm the axis, so your economy its you best weapon, still in general you are going to lose 1vs1 with your units vs them unless you use the terrain in your favour, always try to flank and spread your units since german granades are OP

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    If you're having problems with the late game, don't play USF. USF requires you to absolutely dominate early and mid game. Also, USF is in a better spot late game. The Jackson is now an excellent kiting TD which has the health and speed to disengage from a dangerous situation. It is op if you ask some players. USF is actually in a BETTER spot late game than it used to just because of the more survivable Jackson. Yes Axis grenades are included in tech costs, but USF gets FREE heavily armed squads with their one-click tech, and cheaper tech. Ideally, you don't want to both play the same faction. Double USF is especially a poor choice. USF does have the dilemma of Lt vs Capt. Lt is popular because airborne and recon support allow you to paradrop at guns. I assume your Stuart micro is not on par since you're writing this thread so don't bother with getting one. Just get AA halftrack instead as its far better than Stuart and can fend off all axis light vehicles except puma. And if you're paranoid, at guns are perfect to support the halftrack. What you said about the Soviets is highly inaccurate. Tiger vs IS2 is quite balanced in fact in a 1v1 fight, IS2 has a small edge over the Tiger. However, they are evenly matched if both sides have support. Elephant and ISU-152 are like apples and oranges.

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    In Team battle, the important stuff late game is AT and artillery. If you have artillery, and anything that can stop or slow down inf, you are gonna dominate the game.
    And ally, especialy soviet ( kat, 120mm, and Zis) and british have a bunch of strong options of arty. and a decent amount of call in.
    6 men squad are also less likely to be wiped by a lucky shell. Ober can and will be wiped, making players rage.
    I still have PTSD of playing against 3 british and getting arty to death by land mattress, flare grenade, then call in arty.
    US have weaker overall arty options, but the first one is T0, and it counter mg. in 1v1 as american mortar is the second squad I make against Ost.
    Really, complaining about their 81mm when your side have the 120mm is pointless.

    Spending fuel to get nade ? Well at least you don't have a separate upgrade for each...

    Against Pz4, you seem to forget the bazooka. Or rather, have a strong disdain for it. If you complain about the shrek spam, you could try doing one too. I mean, when they get their panzer4, you have either a sherman too, or a AT gun and a stuart. If you add bazooka, and the usual AT grenade, you have decent options !
    If they are playing a early stug+pak and try to stun/snipe yours, then here you are in trouble. but at least it's not a threat for your inf.

    Soviet are harder to play than osteer, I concede that.
    Where the germans units can perform well alone, soviet ones are more specialised and need more planing.
    But worst AT ? that is a AT gun that clear MG nest, mortar, and blobs with it's ability. Very precise, for it's range too. And 6 men. they can handle way more damage than any other AT gun.
    T34s are better at AI than P4, and are for them a decent opposant even if you don't espect them to win a duel. If you take a t34-85, you will beat them with ease alone, but that not what soviet are suposed to do. Use it rather as damage sponge or deterent to protect your support weapons.
    For example, A T34 used defensively with a zis against 2 p4 will beat them. If you keep the t34 very defensive, alway at maximum range, and reverse it if they close on it it will be hard for them to get it, and the zis will get enought shots to turn the table. if they focus the zis, and turn arround it, their subpar AI will take a while to wipe the 6 men squad, and the t34 will get free rear shots.
    And it's 620req 90 fuel against 700req 260fuel. If you add a well placed mine, a At nade, or guard or penal, the pz really stand no chance.

    The SU85 have one of the best range for a TD, and complete sight on his range. that make it a really good TD. But using it as a tank, or not securing his flank will get it killed fast. it can also scout infantry, and thus prevent flanking.
    So, yes, it's harder to use than a panther. but used well, it is a superior choice for AT.

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    Its very even now i think in 2vs2 depending on which map u play. As soviet there is some nasty commanders to use on some map that makes it hard for axis. One of the better i think is the one with 120mm mortars, ppsh for cons, sturmovik attack and so on. The doubble sniper is maybe the most cheesy strat to use against ost sence its hard counter to it if u play ur cards right. Otherwise u could always start with some cons and a couple of maxims until u get out mortars.

    As usf i think u have a big upperhand in late game sence u have one of the better tank destroyer in the game along with strong inf and almost counter to everything depending on what commander u chose. They also have very strong early if playing it well micred with theyer strong inf.

    Brits could be a bit hard from start depending on what strat u use, but always good build 3 tommies and an mg, followed by a bren carrier with flamethrower if theres much mgs and mortars.

    U can have a look on just a random game i saved for some days ago that might help u with some tips how to play as brit for excample. , not the best but not the worst either.

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    cpt kills
    I am a very big player of coh 2, I have tried several times to alert relic, on the too great power of the Germans, mainly the faction okw, for the game of the 2v2 3v3 4v4.but the changes have always been too much low.
    do not worry cpt kills, I play with the best players in the league and we continue to get slaughtered.
    the main problems are:
    early game, combination of mg42 and okw infantry, the sturm are an aberration, they rush into your camp and get your mg, they go into a house, you can not approach them, you play the infantry? if you do not have a cover green, they kill you all your section, finally you manage to put your mg in a house, the wolks burn you with their molotov ............... ...
    ACT 2
    come the most stupid and poorest game
    I build my infirmary and I put my lieg and mortars next, you know that?
    during this time, the blob okw massacre you, it's easy they can take care nearby ................
    act 3
    are you still alive? koni, jag, elefant, have you ever played against 3 elefant or 3 jag it's impossible
    there is so much more to say, but I am tired of trying to speak English.

    I talk to all the big coh2 players, we know each other, we fight each other, be honest, we all know that.

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    Honestly, the things that people are saying in defence of the Germans really make me think they basically only compstomp. Basically every defence that has been provided above is utterly flawed, and everything the poster said is right on the money.

    I could spend hours talking about this, yet I think it's simplest to just address the early game, as that is the most important part of the battle.

    Both the German factions have the capability to put the allies into a death spiral with virtually only their first-tier units.

    Wehrmacht, in addition to starting with the devastating MG42 and its ridiculous arc of fire and suppression capabilities, also get access after the construction of just a single building to the most broken laser-guided squad-destroying mortar in the game. Wehrmacht own the early game - British can perhaps hold a candle to them with their vickers and wonderful cover-clinging rifle infantry, but ultimately the mortars deprive the infantry of their buffs and the MGs of their positions. Soviets are a mixed bag - you can go all out on penals and scout cars and come out swinging, but that can be dealt with easily with clever use of panzerfausts and MGs, and should you succeed, you'll be lacking your MGs and AT guns and have a distinct disadvantage after the initial skirmishes. Americans are pitiful - their riflemen are fine infantry, and the mortar can help, but not for long once the wehr bring out their own mortar.

    The previous reply pretty much nails the OKW's issue. They have no weaknesses in the early game, aside from lacking a machine gun and a mortar - but then, the Wehr have that covered, don't they? Their infantry are cheap, quick to build, and highly effective. The raketwefer shuts down early allied armour with unmatched efficiency. Their early game is easier to beat than the Wehr's, I'll admit, but they are still far easier than any allied faction to use.

    Then, you put it together and play on a team of 2 - one Wehr, with the mortars and machine guns, one OKW, with the assault rifle sturmpioneers, AT, and cheap volks. They cover one another's weaknesses perfectly and can, in my experience, be literally unbeatable, particularly when they cooperate well and mix their units together.

    Right now, it is fact that for the allies to win the early game, the skill gap between allied and axis players needs to be very significant. In an evenly skilled match, the Germans will win the vast majority of matches.

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    About early...
    I would agree that I alway found the gren rifle grenade hard to counter and see.
    But that is more a problem where you have a lot of squad to look for, so more in mid game than early.
    Guards and 120 mm are a hard counter to T1 and T2 ost. 120 mm has longer range, damage and squad members than german mortar, and counter their MG and bunker. Guard counter a light vehicle rush, are superior to gren in their optimal positions, long range shooting, are a match for the panzergren, and their grenade make OKW blob a dangerous tactic.
    US is the faction I play less, but its T0 mortar counter the t0 MG, and their line infantry is usually better than their opponents in most situations.
    It is of the Ostruppens that outsoviet the soviets that I'm more afraid. And early assault grenader.

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    the thing is, OKW has the hands down best opening game and can provide the best push factor, where Wehrmacht can provide the best defense of the two after the initial push. OKW and Wehrmacht suppliment each other so insanely well that i doubt any allied faction really does the same on the same level.

    One pushes but holds the line a little less well, where the other holds the line very well but pushes slower.

    however, the game is absolutely winnable for everyone and going in to a "how to win" discussion is difficult, as it all varies depending on the game.

    usually you could say that, OKW will push early and very hard to get room to setup a command vehicle. they most likely wont buy any MGs and have no mortars. with this knowledge if you face OKW, you should probably get MGs early game to pin their soldiers down. even their Volksgrenadiers handle very well for their cost, against most core infantry of allied races. imo volks getting STGs was not needed, the way i see it anyway. they shred soviet soldiers and hold their own too well versus tommies with 5 men, and riflemen. a blob of early STG volks can be quite cancerous, at least vs soviet.

    Wehrmacht on the other hand pushes slowly but steadily. they rely on their MGs and mortars. they wont push far ahead of the victory points, usually that is. only for some skirmishes, because they never have many grens to begin with. most only get 2 or 3 grens. after that they wait for later tiers for some vehicle play after which they become much more aggressive if allowed.

    if 2v2, and they have one Wehr and one OKW, i would probably tell my buttbuddy to help me kill the OKW player. Given their lack of MG or at least lack of buying one as none ever does that, you wont run in to suppressive fire. but if you gang up on wehr, you could accidentially run in to suppressive fire and MG bunker fire, which would make you retreat.

    this is not really in depths help for what you can do, as that would vary a lot depending on team comosition and the stage.

    you could, however, early game try and get snipers?

    always remember though, allied vehicles are cheaper than axis vehicles. so if you lose a tank, that sucks but its not as big of a blow, as when axis loses one. if you are all maxed out on population, odds are, you have at least 1-2 tanks more than he does. it means easier focus fire for you, but also more micromanagement.

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    How to counter Ostheer units:

    Pioneer- Engage from range and focus-fire to force a retreat as it is very fragile, but has good close range damage.
    MG42- Flank, use indirect fire, overwhelm, as while it has a huge arc it is very slow to set up and reload

    Grenadier- Engage from closer range with conscripts and riflemen or engage from cover with brits. Listen for the loud sound rifle grenades make if you have trouble spotting them. Indirect fire also does well due to small squad size.
    8cm Mortar- Flank, use mechanized, use indirect fire from multiple units or 120mm mortars that heavily damage stationary squads.
    Sniper- Flank, chase with mechanized, use indirect fire- typically the best option is to chase with a HT while it is retreating or catch it with a flank.

    Pak 40- Flank, use indirect fire, engage with anti-infantry tanks. Do not engage at range.
    SdKfz 251- Use infantry AT/AT guns or mechanized/allied light tanks if it is a flamer. Take it out early to prevent Ost from reinforcing in the field.
    SdKfz 222- Same as above, just make sure to protect your weapon teams and snipers as that is usually its only purpose.
    Panzergrenadiers- Engage from long range or engage from very close range with PPSH or Thompsons.

    Stug- Use infantry AT/AT guns or flank with tanks. Does very little damage against infantry.
    Panzer 4- Use any combination of anything AT to kill it, as it is a multi-role tank. Use mines or AT nades to snare and finish them off.
    Ostwind- Engage with tanks of any kind or AT from long range. Extremely dangerous to infantry, not so much to tanks.

    Panther- Kite with Tank Destroyers, engage from long range. Will not usually out-range you due to its lack of efficient spotting infantry, as they are usually to fragile to do so. Use snares to finish it off.
    Panzerwerfer- Flank it and kill it. Usually not microed just like most rocket arty/arty vehicles.
    Brummbar- Engage from range with anything AT, has a pretty short range and a slow projectile, so keep moving to avoid its shells.

    Tiger- Play smart and lure it into an engagement that it cannot afford to lose, then finish it off. If the game has gone on long enough for Ost to actually get one and there are no more decisive engagements to be had, then you've already lost the game and might as well surrender anyway.
    Tiger Ace- Do the same thing but make sure to take out its support infantry as the choice to get it cripples Ost's resource and MP income to where any casualties are almost irrecoverable, at least until the Tiger Ace dies.

    Arty Stug- Attack it like it's a brummbar
    Clowncar- Kill it with just about anything
    Stormtroopers- Engage from close range unless they get STGs then engage from long range. If they get G43's then engage from close range but with more units.
    G43 Grens- Engage from close range
    AssGrens- Engage from long range, pin down with support MG's
    Mortar HT- Flank and kill
    Elefant- Basically just a big slow stug. Don't engage from the front. Immobilize, defeat support infantry, kill.
    Arty Field Officer and Jaeger Command Squad- Target them over everyone else, as their abilities only get stronger the longer they survive/are on the field.
    Puma- Use infantry AT or MBT's to kill it. Make sure it doesn't have support first.

    Overall tips-
    Defeat Ost's support first, be it MG's and Mortars supporting Infantry or Infantry supporting Tanks.
    Don't engage Ost head-on. Making them turn to face you opens them up to be attacked from many different sides and gives them a window of vulnerability.
    Listen for the audio cues of rifle grenades and big ass tanks to know what your opponent is doing.
    Don't engage from long range unless the situation specifically calls for it. Or if you're the Brits, then don't engage out of cover.
    Punch holes in their lines with mortars by destroying their bunkers or mines to open them up to flanks.
    Lay mines everywhere, even behind your lines, so if the enemy advances then they must retreat or open themselves up to counterattack.
    Make it a massive pain for Ost to gain any ground, as most of their offensive capability comes from tanks, and their units are defense-oriented.
    Use the Allies' late game indirect fire to your advantage, as Ost's equivalent units are not quite as good.
    Use indirect fire on clumped infantry, as their small squad size leaves them vulnerable to splash damage.

    I don't have nearly as much experience with OKW as I do with Ost, but my best guess is to just go where OKW isn't and avoid taking unnecessary losses to starve OKW of resources, as their defensive capabilities are very poor. Wear them down for counterattacks.

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    I am a new player here and mainly with UKF. I think ukf have the most difficult early game of all factions, especially again OKW.
    The green cover bonus for tommy have been neft in last patch so they cant stay in the fight as long as before. Also, they are expensive and only 4 man, no chance again stumpio.
    The vicker is great but expensive and easy to be fank. Since i dont have enough tommy to cover Mg and the german basically push anything out of garrison with flame grenade.
    The UC suffered from fauzt and mg so cant help much.
    Double vicker sometimes work but just until wher's motar or OKW's leig start to apear. UKF's motar pit simply dont do anything agian more than 2 wher's motar or leig.
    Maybe i am new here and have bad micro but still, i believe that these is a need of some improve for ukf early game and also their IDF.
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    Sorry my english is bad.

    I create a forum ID because, with the last patch German is very strong. I am a allied player and I often play with 2 or 3 friends. Since last patch we lost every game. All unit and tactits that is funny with allied is destroy.

    • 2 two men in soviet sniper --> 1 men
    • Su85 --> pay ammo for indirect fire !!
    • dynamite --> we can see in map.

    The good and bad player that play in german make a big blob with lot of similar unit. German unit is better all bahaviours. The Panzer IV destroy in two shoots all allied unit but my sherman no... Panther have low armor but he has most life point...

    I think that we can play only german bacause in this game there is umbalance. VIVA THE PANZERPORN!!!

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    2 man sniper --> 1 man sniper. Ah, but with big rate of fire increase. Now it rapes germans <3 SU76 --> Pay ammo for indirect fire (Just like the Zis-3 field gun which it carries).
    Dynamite (demo pack) is still very useful. I enjoy that it is also cheaper, now :)

    • Notice Germans complain that Allied tank destroyers are too strong, hmm?
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    Lol, with the amount of time you spent writing this you could have done some research via video watching to learn how to play allies.

    First off all, the Jackson is not a weak tank it is the best anti-tank gun in the game. As in it always penetrates and has whopping damage. The Jackson is not designed to get into tank combat. It has longer range than most tanks especially the Panther, P4, Tiger, and Konigstiger. This tank is designed to be used creatively behind your lines. Units are meant to work in conjunction with each other. No single unit is designed to counter another unit. This is not a simple game.

    Now just taking this piece of information here learn how you are playing the game wrong. Because you are playing it wrong. If your T34 is having trouble penetrating the front of Axis tanks; what are you going to do about it?

    I'm level 18 in all 5 factions. Good players aren't just one faction.

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    @VitoC The main post is over 4 month old. Sooo...

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    Personnaly when i play german i fear AOE massiv squad wipe more than anything else, i don't really care about the 6 minute mark since the game is so snowbowly that usually the game is over in the ouverture/early phase

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    I've played all the faction for a long time and the fact is it's way easier to play both Axis factions than it is to play Allies. If the Allies make a mistake they don't usually have a way to bounce back from it. If you fall behind the manpower curve you'll have a much harder time getting out of a downward spiral than Axis will because Allied infantry are expensive and not worth their expense. This would be fine if the British and Americans didn't have such unwieldy support options. The fixed mortar pit has never worked properly, as proven by the fact that Relic had to just ban building them in HQs. American doctrines don't overlap at all. If you go Captain and the enemy decides to Volk spam you're done. If you go Lt. and the enemy decides to roll Panzers or a Luchs than that's GG. For 280mp rifles are none of what they're described as.

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    I'm kind of mixed in this. When I played allies I felt like germans are op especially the german tanks due to their high armor and hp but now that I've played axis and have found that getting your tank ambushed really hurts and can flip the tables.

    You're really missing out on the different advantages that USF tanks have compared to the Axis tanks too, USF can jump out of the tanks anywhere to repair them and the germans require money to be spent on pioneers to repair as efficiently.

    USF tanks are really good, shermans are infantry destruction units if you use the HE shell and Jackson's truly high damage makes them efficient when used to support your front line from back line. The biggest issue I've had with US forces is the 51mm which I've found useless against tanks and low damage on bazooka to german mediums.

    I've found better success at defeating the german panzers with soviets, having 2 conscripts "URAA" their way to enemy tanks and destroying their engines, following with AT spam at the vurnerable opponent. Especially with PPsH you can melt enemy support units too, molotovs to destroy garrisoned units.

    Wehrmacht's are the biggest troublemakers for me when playing allies. The MG's and mortars really do melt and are too strong of a combo in my opinion, snowballing them to victory as they are getting more fuel to curve tanks into the field. OKW though are easier if you can really pin the early sturms down by predicting what they are doing with them. Early sturms make it or break it for the OKW. And once they're dealt with if you can find their medic base out and destroy it with early AT they are really hurting from losing their tech. But the tanks are not too bad though, personally I have more issues against the British tanks as axis than I have against axis tanks as allies.

    Personally I like the MG differences too. Vickers widest arch for really slow setup, maxims quick setup with 6 man squad that can be reinforced by conscripts but low arch and germans inbetween solution. The USF MG is really strong and that's why I understand it being locked up behind tech, as the difference in bullet size from 7.92×57mm to 12,7x99mm is quite a huge difference in the damage it can shred.

    Mortars though on USF could be buffed or given a better solutions. Make them fire faster or something to be an actual threat. Currently I feel like investing in them to destroy early MG's im really getting nothing out of it but rage after having them wiped quickly by the superior german mortar.

    And by the way, land mattress and katyasha's really hurt blobs. And they shut down german blob pushes so well. I've been absolutely demolished by them so many times and having some shoot into my retreat point has lost me so many games. All of the manpower goes into replenishing the troops so they don't get wiped and losing the munition and experience invested in the troops.

    In conclusion I don't feel like that this game is as cut and dry as nazis are OP pls nerf. Maybe at the highest of skill levels but that's not where majority of the players are.

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    The Panzer IV especially is waaaaaay overperforming against...everything right now. It's a pre-war tank. It should not be bouncing Sherman rounds from the side.

    Naturally asset creation won't happen at this point for the game but I really wish some way existed to get the M101 105mm Howitzer on the map for Americans. The Americans should be the Army of Artillery like no other, to the point where Axis players are scrambling to win before that "Typhoon of Steel" happens. Just as USF players scramble to put off the dreaded Panther/Tiger.

    The gun comes with HEAT special ability to fight off tanks taking it on directly. At Vet 2 give it airburst rounds or counter-battery.

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    @SimpleSimon Germany was the Army of Arty in the 2nd WW. And in the face of that the Germans have nothig of good arty in this Game... And the Panzer IV was a very good tank compared to the allied tanks. Sherman tzz... :D lame Tank

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    Considering the much lower throw weights, range, and actual number of tubes than peer Allied Armies that is objectively false. Many German field howitzers were of pre war vintage, some Great War.
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    2 years ago

    OKW is easy to play no complaints. I actually sometimes encounter players who tries to use sturmpioneers at range.... poor fellas. Thing is both germans got diffrent counters. If you know the OKW is there you go MG and focus sturmpioneers... WITH EVERYTHING!!! PULL THE FRIGGIN BEN SOLO AND ORDER EVERY MAN AT THE EARLY TO SHOT DOWN THE BUGGERS (now forget about newest trilogy coz it sucks) they are fcking expensive and only 4 models.

    If you see Ost then fill the air with lead with mortar or sniper. Classical volks/mgs/mortars are again 4 moidels a squad.

    If they work in 3 to 4 squads and u do not see more leichtbullshietwagens are coming with the riddiculous dmg and u need early AT AND MAKE IT DOUBLE. Do not settle for 1xptrs for penals get 2pack or mix it with guard/ZIS/Su76/t70 even. When u play brits u need 2 out of 3 (sniper/aec/gun) (gun actually got unholy range and dmg and works best witth anything remotly close to spotter. British sniper can hurt light vehicles coz a goddamn .5 cal gun. Im not fan of USAF anyway so u work something on your own. Remember bazookas are like terrible mistakes... never occurs alone and neither you should use one squad with one bazooka have 4 and listen to the rhythm of popping Panzers (except for frontal armour of Panthers and higher).

    Concentrate on green covers and listen to riflenades and ofc less imba ones that does have clock. Use units with inherent grandes or in case of soviets buy rpg at nades... DO IT. Conscripts are your meatshields and in case of Panzers to the face they have to slow the shit (royal engineers do have them now for free!). They are devil.. You are the D


    Hope i helped a lil. Also try 2x Infantry Section with double STEN.

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