Ardenne crashes at start of second battle in final mission (Siegfried)

1 year ago
flashflash99flashflas… Posts: 1
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After playing the first of the three phases of the final mission (in my case with Able Coy), immediately after second phase starts (in my case with Fox Coy), the game crashes and issues a splat bug report. I've tried several times - same result. Anyone else?


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    1 year ago

    Même Problème,
    Crash toujours au même moment et endroit, en mode facile avec Ardennes assaut
    lors du dernier assaut (Bullingen:" Ligne "Sieg fried") après avoir sécurisé
    le sud avec la compagnie "Able", au début de la sécurisation de la route centrale
    avec la "Compagnie Baker" le jeu se crash, .....tous mes pilotes sont à jour,
    Pouvez-vous m'aider? ...le forum d'aide sur les crashs est en anglais,
    je ne maîtrise pas l'anglais. merci

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    1 year ago

    Same here, bug is apparently known to the community since the december update, and there are even solutions found by the community. However no fix from relic yet. Further Details:

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    1 year ago

    just tried with Able Company...still crashes ..thought maybe it was bout a hot fix Relic? ?

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    1 year ago
    r_fralexr_fralex Posts: 180 admin

    Hey @The_Rye @VestariX19 @patlepan @flashflash99 ,

    Have a look at the other thread @VestariX19 linked indeed. It took us a while (sorry about that) but we are looking into the issue.

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