Resource Returns

2 years ago

Hello everyone, it has not happened to me as good, when trying to buy a company general right suddenly you're wrong and you buy the wrong one, what should I do in that case, I cost a thousand coins in the game, nothing Dollars.
But I would like to have those coins again and buy the right company general, if the support could give me back those recourses and take away that general would be very, very grateful. :/
By the way, in case you have my resources I have a survey for you:
Which Doctrine is better in the Oberkomando West? :#
-Doctrina Overwatch
-Or the doctrine that gives a truck of supplies and other very good skills but I do not know what it's called, if you know what the name is please.
Anyway, I wanted to buy another doctrine, but I bought the Elite Bilingual Doctrine and I did not want that, I hope you can help me with this problem, thank you for your attention. :)

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