Super heavies/TD overhaul mod

1 year ago

Halo here is the address of a little mod I am working on:


This mod is not a balance MOD but a MOD aiming at fixing the serious issue of super heavy tanks performance and the performance of certain TDs. To be more specific tries to solve the issue of TDs being able to tuckle super-heavy tank while not completely shut down other vehicles.


1) Super heavies
The term is used to describe the following vehicles:
King Tiger

2) Heavy TDs
The term is used to describe vehicles specially designed to counter Super heavies. The category includes the following vehicles:
Panther OKW
Panther Osth

Changes so far:
Greatly increase the target size of the super heavies (size around 40).

Equip all Heavy TD with switchable munition.

One has low accuracy and high penetration and is suitable vs Super heavies.

The other has normal accuracy but low Penetration and is suitable vs mediums.

Reason this allow me to balance super heavies separately since only specific unit/munition are suitable against them.


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    1 year ago

    The game would be funner though, if all AT-assets were removed from the allie's roster.
    AT mines, mines, AT guns, Bazookas, PIAT, Tank Destroyers and what not.

    It would be much more balanced this way. Thoughts?

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    1 year ago
    VipperVipper Posts: 3,711

    This about super heavies not allies or axis factions

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