30k Supply "Forgot to register?" button not there

2 years ago

I've seen a lot of people with the problem that they didn't get a confirmation e-mail or successfully verified their e-mail but simply didn't get their supply transferred. As for me I can't register to begin with. Once in-game I open up the menu and select the Options. At that point however, unlike described by everyone, I don't get asked to register. I have no button to register in sight. Just the box with the Gameplay settings.
Here's a picture of what I see: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/933807031691430881/78B219416EC01CD24AF8C8B86F53C05ACB061418/
I already submitted a request but after me for my Steam64ID the support stopped answering me. I've been waiting for 3 days to get a reply ever since. If someone had the same problem please report how you fixed it.


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    2 years ago
    r_fralexr_fralex Posts: 180 admin

    Hey @DaZeta - sorry you are having issues. Let us try to figure out what is happening here:

    • have you alread linked your SSO and Steam account in another Relic game (like DoWIII)? (in which case it was also done for COH2 and you wouldn't see that button)
    • have you been able to verify your email address? The reward is only granted for accounts with verified email addresses.


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    2 years ago
    DaZetaDaZeta Posts: 5

    Hello Fralex,
    First off thanks for your reply, I became pretty frustrated with the support that has been telling me theyre working on it for 2 weeks now. No I didn't link my Account in any game before. But after reading all this I just did it. However instead of doing it through CoH2 I did it through DoW3 since I have the button there. I logged in to my Account I created on the relic website(not ingame). However nothing happened. Since that account already exists there was no verification email of course but I did verify it back when I created it. Since I didn't get anything I bothered creating another gmail account and tried it with that. I created a Relic Account with that E-Mail and verified it. It said I would get my Infame Content Rewards the next time I log in but nothing happened. Is it because I used a email that isnt identical to my steam accounts?
    Best regards.

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    2 years ago
    r_fralexr_fralex Posts: 180 admin
    edited March 2018

    Hey @DaZeta - so it seems you have registered two different Relic accounts, with two different email addresses. The one you are using in-game shows it's been granted those 30K supply points. Happy to discuss it via PM if needed.

    The reason why it took some time for us / support to look into it is because the account you are using to post on the forums is not the same as the one you use in-game. It would obviously make things easier for us if you used the same account for both :)

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