Ost/OKW Panther Nerf( A Bad spot not good one)

8 months ago

I can't under stand swapping HP with armor in vet nerfing it to 260 is a buff.
Plus additional cost of fuel 185?
Nerf armor + Add Fuel = Good spot?

1)Fuel 175 to 185
2)Rear armour reduced from 110 to 90
3) Front armour reduced to 260
Imaginary buff (NERF)
4) Vet 2 Swap - 160 HP to 10% armour bonus

The actual buff for 185 fuel increase
1.) 1 sec reload deduction
2.) .005 Accuracy

Nerfing panthers armor won't make it good. Panther is already in a bad spot.

TD in Allies got a HUGE of PEN buff.
Jackson M36
Cost from 400/140

Chances it will penetrate with 260 armor


HVAP penetration 300/280/250

All shots will be accurate and will penetrate with fast reload speed and range.
With recent HP buff, vision, reload speed and its mobility it dominates tank battle.


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    8 months ago
    mrgame2mrgame2 Posts: 362

    The community modder is trolling. Which i dont approve, but what do i know? Relic is stubborn, like all the feedback given during DOW3 beta was ignored. See how that turned out.

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    8 months ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,512

    @mrgame2 said:
    The community modder is trolling. Which i dont approve, but what do i know? Relic is stubborn, like all the feedback given during DOW3 beta was ignored. See how that turned out.

    What dow3 beta?
    The one right before release?

    That was no beta.
    That was preview.

    Anyone believing anything serious can be changed WEEK before release is beyond delusional.

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    8 months ago
    mrgame2mrgame2 Posts: 362

    I played the beta, i participate in the feedback survey. In Relic forums and many game forums, beta was badly received. Relic should have made changes.

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    8 months ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,524
    I too am of the mind that the mod team is high as fuck using a dart board to figure out what units meed changed and how they are going to be changed.

    Theres no scope, no preview, no rhyme or reason to many of the changes. It kills flavour AND tosses balance up in the air (judging by what ive read, cant tell for sure BECAUSE THERE IS NO MOD)

    I think the bull shit around this joke of a patch and relics decision to let modders tinker away at the live game as they see fit is going to be the deciding factor for me leaving after years of playing. They dont give a fuck and i think im going to do the same
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    8 months ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 215

    Not to mention Panther cost so much vs M36 jackson but its so lame now its basically useless.

    They bot have same role but when spammed M36 is much better and kite Panther and Heavies to death
    receiving no damage at all.

    Which Panther will dive in to DO OR DIE shouting FOR THE FATHER LAND and die a heroic death.
    Might as well put zero armor on it coz basically with the new allies PEN it does not even count anymore.

    Cost wise Panthers Pretty damn expensive but less useful.

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    8 months ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 215

    I know for sure that Panther got better frontal armor than Tiger 1 why would it be less?

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    8 months ago
    dukejasondukejason Posts: 1,362 mod
    edited May 2018

    I personally like 85 to 90% of the changes in this patch and feel that after many years of patching, coh 2 will be in a good place were all factions and all types of multiplayer will be fun and as balanced as possible. Nobody is ever going to like 100% of the changes. More than likely this is the final patch for coh 2 and I am glad they were able to get as much of the game right as possible.

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