Spring Update Balance

2 years ago

I like the patch, but I have 2 problem.
1) Katyusha: Reload time increased from 2.5 to 3
why? why? now it's difficult to kill someone with the Katyusha, because he misses most of the shots and the enemy can retired all your units after the first volleys. And you increased the time? why you don't increased the time to shoot of Rocket Launcher. The Rocket Launcher can kill all your units in 1 shoot, he can suppress you and have a bonification vs garrisons. And you change the Katyusha?
2) Jackson: Range reduced from 60 to 55
The others change are good, but dont reduced the range, today the USF need to decide between Calliope, Pershing or Easy 8, because you can´t have all like others army, for example OKW (they can have Stuka, Jagdpanzer IV, panther, and King Tiger or Jagdtiger). And have for the USF a power tank with good range for shoot is necessary, because if I choose a commander with Calliope, how can i confront to panther, and King Tiger or Jagdtiger? And in the last patch you increase the cost of the Jackson, so I thinks its ok, or reduced to the range of all tanks destroyers too.


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