Russian Sniper Needs to be address fast

8 months ago

so i have been really struggling here it is game braking the state of the Russian snipers here is a couple videos show how bad it is right now. Please share your feed back


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    8 months ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,512
    edited May 2018

    1) Next time you might want to NOT STOP shooting for 5 seconds.
    You let him go and there is no excuse.

    2) It got insta suppressed, suppressed squads take lower damage for a couple of seconds, if he was not insta suppressed, he'd be ripped in a second.

    3) That is not how you make a balance thread.
    That is a rage thread.

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    8 months ago
    icedayiceday Posts: 4

    so sniper already damaged standing in negative cover with jeager commander right up his face and 2 full vollys of shots up his face but hey what do i know.

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    8 months ago
    le12role12ro Posts: 2,267 mod

    (Moderator Input) Closing down thread as this does not follow balance forum guidelines..

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