Can we take a look at infantry?

8 months ago

Soviets - penals are very hard to bring into standard play (structure + high cost) and the convenience of guards/shock makes them unnecessary
USF - Rifleman really suck at killing things that retreat, players are also using the LMG over BARS (similar to soviet issue)
UKF - I understand that there is a balance patch coming right now, but currently the infantry upgrades severely stunt UKF build variety, I feel the Bren Carrier upgrades are too expensive for a unit that is so easily killed.

Both USF and UKF machine guns are lackluster due to a mix of a few problems.
-slow suppression rate
-enemy grenades
-enemy long range accuracy

All axis infantry still have faust.. you literally nerfed every Allied light vehicle and now there's no way to use them because of how easy it is to f click. (Also goes through smoke)
Faust should be locked behind vet or an upgrade (OKW only need 1 supply truck anyways)

Rifle grenades either need an indicator or a high cost increase, these wipe squads 9/10 times.


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    8 months ago
    NhikaNhika Posts: 16

    I would really like to see less grenade/ability spam from the axis side.
    Ammunition increase please...

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    8 months ago
    Farra13Farra13 Posts: 647

    Well first off, the rifle command does give both the sniper team and scout car alongisde the penals, so its not exactly a poor investment. The tradeoff for a slow opening with penals is the scaling, they are very powerful ai specialists with excellent vet rewards, whilst also now being flexible with the at package as a bonus. They are also cheaper than either guards and shocks, and in the shocks case more flexible, whilst remaning more cost effective than the guards.

    Rifles don't suck at killing retreating units, just stop moving like all other infantry to increase their accuracy. Not sure what you mean about using lmgs over bars? The 1919 is only limited to 1 per squad, and you sacrifice being able to fire on the move for it, that's a big disadvantage comapred to dual bars who can close and engage, so it isn't the no brainer purchase anymore.

    The vickers is recieving a slight buff from what we can see in the upcoming patch, but remember it trades supression for higher damage. Your best bet is too try and keep it garrisoned whenever possible, even in trenches if their isnt anything else available, especially after vet 1. is problably the best machine-gun bar the mg-42 in my opinion, its got high damage, excellent supression and its quite moble. Its only problem is its place in the mess that is the USF tech tree.

    Then keep your lights at a distance from axis infantry? Just screen it with another squad to block them trying to faust.

    I'm afraid rifle nades is simply an experience thing, it takes time to really learn the animation and more so to understand when your opponent is going to use them.

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