[OST] 1-4 vs 1-4. Panzerwerfer 42 wiping squad

1 year ago
mrdjjag81mrdjjag81 Posts: 237
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Since most of the changes in the summer balance patch was good i think, i don't understand why they left the Panzerwerfer 42 untouched and instead decided that nerf the Katyscha. The problem with this unit is that it causing too much damage to inf, even wors it pins them make them unable to avoid any incoming rockets fallowing up. They just lay there and being wiped out because of the hug damage each rocket deals. The Panzerwerfer 42 can also chees the hell out of you in team games when you try to capture a point, timing the salvo backed up with inf leave you no choice than retreat sence the get red pinned inst, unable to catch any point/vip. Causing the hug bleed takes some time to get ur squad rdy for action again and since the delay of reinforcement now for both brits and USF when forwarding ur post, makes a veted Panzerwerfer 42 perfect rdy for a new barrage when try to cath a point again.

The solution would be either remove the suppress tottally, or in worst case make it at least only light suppressing as the bofors ability. Or reduce the damage so it not wipe full health modells instanly. Would be fair enought since the katyscha got nerfed for some odd reason which dosent even suppress troops light, makes it very easy to dodge a barrage after the first volley.



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    1 year ago
    YDNERYDNER Posts: 2

    Should remove the suppress totally also reduce the damage

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    1 year ago
    WiderstreitWiderstre… Posts: 950
    Simply slowing down the fire rate for the rockets to react. Finish.
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