About the reasons for ban

2 years ago

Andy, it would be good if you explaine some things about report system.
I find you post in Coh2.org
"However, in the meantime a quick note regarding stream sniping.

Stream sniping is a time bannable offence at Relic's discretion. Using stream sniping to troll, gain an advantage, or derank players are examples of bannable behaviour."

  1. What mean sniping to troll ? Play with non meta or meta or with abuse ? If i play with pio/maxim/sniper spam its will be trolling ? If i spam -t70 or pumas , its will be trolling ?
  2. Gain an advantage ? Its mean watch stream and play in same time ? Or hear stream and play ? Or when you friend watch stream and write to you what streamer do and what units make ?
  3. Derank players. Sturmpanther add (Or smurfing to met lower ranks). What different must be between players to say that player derank ? I think its must be clear numbers between them. Or if player are 90 rank and streamer are 100 its mean derank ? What mean smurfing and why its are bad ? Can you show where changes nicks in steam are crime or bad in lows ? Its player account and he can write what he whant, coz all this SS warriors must be banned by you Andy without report, coz thay are crime structure by Nurnberg.
  4. I think this report things must be open, person that get report must defend himself or at least know about ban.
  5. How report system work ? As i see its can be repleys or screens, but how you know that screens are not fake from haters, coz game can be old and not be in gamelist in ladder ? Change nicks, make screens, another side cannot defend, so its must be EZ.

I have one link with screens, can you explaine why player get ban ? Coz l2p in chat write in every second game and personally its hard to say, is it bad word or just fact of player level.

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