Help! How can you make a player build buildings?

2 years ago

I'm new to the modding community and need help with how you can make a soldier, for instance a grenaider to build a british howitzer. Is that possible and so how?

And can you get the old german bunker from Company of heroes 1 and add it to Company of heroes 2?


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    2 years ago
    SneakEyeSneakEye Posts: 76

    Yes the british howitzer is possible to make, but it's rather difficult and requires some knowledge of the tools. The name of the weapon is: armies\british\weapons\25_pounder\25_pounder
    The set the animatitor_set_state:
    state_machine_name = maingun_visibility
    do_action_state_name = on

    The Coh1 bunker is: art\armies\german\structures\bunker\bunker

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    2 years ago

    okey thanks! Could you help me a bit more Sneak Eye. I'm just getting started and haven't been modding at all.

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