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2 years ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133

Hello, the developers of Relic.
I read your news about the emergence of new commanders for each nation.

I would like to make an offer:

Tactics "Do not Scis, Break Through"

1) 0 Points = Rifle Squad.
(Arms: 3x Mosin, 2x SVT-40 and Sergeant - which inspires fighters, every soldier is killed + 20% accuracy and + 20% rate of fire.)

2) 2-3 Points = Defensive Structure for the Riflemen "Conscripts"
(Now the Riflemen) "Conscripts" get access to the construction of mines and Buildings Machine guns)

3) 2 Points = Tactics of anti-tank ambushes.
(There is an excellent commander "Hunting for tanks" where tanks can be masked.)

4) 7-8 Points = Assault operation IL-2.
(Sturmovik Il-2 against Infantry and Bomb Il-2 against any technique.There are simultaneous where there is a technique there Il-2 Bomb Attack and from the infantry as well.the cost is 200-300 Ammunition)

5) 14 Points = KV-2
(This is the only good KV-2 Heavy Tank against any kind.)

Tactics "Tank War"

1) 0 Points = Soviet industry
(Increases the supply of fuel by 20 units, increases the speed of construction of machinery by 75%, but reduces the Human reserve by 50%)
ATTENTION!!! This ability was in the game of one Soviet commander.

2) 7 Points = Training of Crew Repair Facilities

3) 3) Reserve tanks T-34.
(During the action of this ability, all tanks are pushed into the "Reserve T-34")
Description Usage Ability:

  • The cost is 120 munitions
  • The action lasts 60 seconds
    How does this ability work?
    "Reserve T-34" = two Light tanks.
    "Reserve T-34" = one Medium Tank
    "Reserve T-34" = one Heavy tank (with the probability of the appearance of two "Reserve T-34" by 50% .This is only after the destruction of the Heavy Tank)

4) 4-5 Points = Assault Engineers Elite

  • The cost is 240 Human Reserve
    (Now you can call "Elmer Assault Sappers." They repair 35% faster, build 35% faster, but each challenge "Assault Engineers Elite" reduces the Human Reserve by 10-15%)

5) Modernization of SU-85 at SU-122.

  • The cost is 75 munitions
    (Now you have a Su-85 upgrade to the Su-122 Gaubiytsy.) Effective against infantry and strengthening, but greatly reduces effectiveness against vehicles and tanks.)

There are two old photos of commanders who are not in the game.

And I have long offered you Relic about your commander:

Thank you for your attention Dear Relic. I hope you will make the best side of the Soviet Commanders.


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    2 years ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346
    edited July 2018

    Hi @Commissar_Squad_RU. Liked your graphics; thought I'd comment.

    Not One Step Back Tactics is quite good but very defensive; no real help during offensive actions except for the Manpower Blitz (? surely there's a better, more Russian word for it).

    Tankovyy Desant Tactics is interesting and very good for offensive pushes but, it will require the designers to create new abilities from scratch so it seems unlikely.

    Not Ssy, Break Through Tactics seems a bit muddled. Strengthened Conscripts seems more like a Cover Bonus and that would be better if it applied to all infantry. The SVT rifles and Defensive Structures abilities have merit but Operation Avengers seems like an attempt to combine IL-2 Strafes and Bombing Runs into one ability. It would have to cost a lot in munitions (say 250 - 300) so they player could only use it occasionally. The JS2 is good but available with other commanders so it wouldn't really be anything new (which isn't a bad thing because the game designers don't have to do any work to include it).

    I like the idea of a Soviet Breakthrough Commander because it fits with Soviet Deep Operations concepts. I would just do it differently (see my own post to get the idea).

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    2 years ago
    YappirYappir Posts: 60

    It think that soviet union need a doctrine for tank warfare, so "Tank war" sounds like something we could use.

    +20 fuel right off the bat for free basicly? uhh no way. This was removed from the game for a reason.
    When you reach 3 CP, buy 4 scout cars from scout tent and send them to theier death, recive 2 T-34 in early game, GG.
    Su-122 sounds nice, soviets do not have anything like it.
    I do not see much point of assult eng, seems like the USA unit ripoff as far as i understand it.

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    2 years ago
    Dangminh25Dangminh25 Posts: 66

    Andy said he can only create new commander with already in-game model vehicle
    so we can't upgrade Su-85 to 122

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    2 years ago
    gydh56gydh56 Posts: 71

    Not one step back sounds cool. The other commanders seem a little too powerful.

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    2 years ago
    Boris_yeltsinBoris_yel… Posts: 104

    I hope you will consider proper implementation of unused voice acting (example: You could also try adding such a commender, that was mentioned in this ( thread with following abilities:

    Overwhelming Armor:

    Guards Rifle Infantry-(The usual guards)

    Mark Target- (The usual mark target)

    Fire and Maneuver- Allows soviet turreted armored vehicles to tamperarily move quickly at the cost of weapon accuracy.

    Green Soviet T34 Reserves- Dispatch reserve T34s with inexperienced crews.
    Red Banner Division- Deploys the final line of reserves to the battle, in the form of elite T34-85s.

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