[Sov][Any] Soviet Molotovs

7 months ago
gydh56gydh56 Posts: 71
edited July 2018 in Balance Feedback

Problem Soviet molotovs are rarely researched and have very low damage compared to okw flame nades. I rarely research them, and it is rare in tournaments too (https://www.coh2.org/news/57846/tournament-statistics-allied-meta). There is little reason when oooorah lets you flank mgs and 120 mm mortars from guard motor make it unnecesary.

Solution Bundle molotovs and at nades in the same package. Price the package at 150 mp and 20 fuel. This doesn't turn the molotov into a grenade, but keeps it as a area denial tool and making it much easier to use. This also makes it more viable to go for a commander other than guard motor, since you don't need 120 mm mortars.


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