Big CoH modding/mapmaking tools and tutorials list

1 year ago

I wanted to put this out there to help the modding community now and for the future, and maybe inspire future modders and mapmakers to create more content

Ever since Relicnews and its knowledge with modding CoH went down the drain, I've decided to make a list of all tutorials and tools for CoH modding which is easily accessible in a single place. I try to regularly update these lists when I find new tutorials or other information worth adding

If any of the Relic mods see this, it would be awesome if you could create a sticky with these links in the modding section of these forums, and on the steam forums for CoH and CoH2 (since those are all regularly visited by players)

Big list of CoH and CoH 2 modding and mapmaking tutorials

Big list of CoH and CoH 2 modding and mapmaking tools

If anyone has any additional ones they would like to add let me know (I know the CoH2 tutorials section is kinda lacking)

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