Ostheer Commander Design Idea: Logistics Disruption Doctrine

2 years ago

Logistics Disruption Doctrine

Description: Light-moving infantry in Jäger Divisions are best used serving behind the lines where they are able to disrupt enemy supply lines while remaining organized. Infantry squads are now capable of better fieldcraft and mobility. Crippling enemy supply lines will allow you to breakthrough their lines and encircle the enemy.

Luftwaffe Medical Supply Crates: Drops 3 medical crates for nearby infantry to patch up.
Breakthrough Tactics: Infantry can de-capture territory at increased speeds. [Same as Breakthrough Doctrine]

  • Only works when on foot and not on half-tracks (Or maybe you can?)

Recon Kit: Grenadiers, Snipers and Panzergrenadiers can be equipped with Recon Kits that provides passive +20% sight when not moving. (30 munitions)

  • Permanent
  • Can be bought together with LMG42s & Panzerschrecks
  • Does not stack with Ostheer Sniper’s Vet 3 Sight buff  Only increases by 10% at Vet 3, not 30% like vanilla.
  • Models immediately lose Recon Kit when crewing emplacements and team weapons.
  • Does not stack with building sight bonus.
    Recon Kit: Grenadiers, Snipers and Panzergrenadieres can be equipped with Recon Kits that provides +30% sight for 20 seconds (10 munitions)

  • Timed Ability

  • Stacks with Ostheer Sniper’s Vet 3 Sight Buff up to 50% sight range increase.
  • Models immediately lose the ability to use Recon Kits when crewing emplacements and team weapons.
  • Stacks with building occupancy sight bonus.
    Ambush Camouflage: Panzergrenadiers, Grenadiers and MG teams can be issued Ambush Camouflage. [Same as Ostheer variant] Note: Not compatible with Luftwaffe Medical Supply Crates due to accuracy stacking balance issues.

Sonder-Einsatz Sdkfz.251 Halftrack with Sturmpionieres:

Cost: 540MP + 30F.

Calls in a Sdkfz.251 halftrack [Ostheer Version] with Sturmpionieres armed with 1 Minesweeper + 3 STG44 [Carbon copy of Sturmpioniere with only 3 vet maximum (To avoid the accuracy buffs in Vet 4 and 5 while retaining pioniere-related buffs from vet 1-3) and No medical crates, No Panzerschreck upgrade  No slot due to minesweeper], Minesweeper not hot swappable for STG-44 unlike original Sturmpioniere.

**Special upgrade traits of Sdkfz. 251 Halftrack: ** ONLY 1

  1. Permanent Radio Silence [Not visible in minimap] (20 munitions)

  2. Radio Decryption (30 munitions) [Passive Range radius (80 range or Same as Ostheer Mortar Range) where you can hear enemy troop/tank orders as their player is controlling them nearby but NOT their location and no ping alerts on the map or left side of the screen [You can hear the enemy troops talking to the enemy player like “Building it”, “Let’s set this MG up over there”, “Mines planted”, "Repairing as ordered"]  Requires a lock-down position and works in enemy/neutral territory.

  • 1 Transport Slot for Sdkfz. 251 if Radio Decryption is chosen (Compensating for radio equipment), 2 Transport Slots for Sdkfz. 251 if Permanent Radio Silence is chosen.

  • Sturmpionieres cannot build Tank Trap Wires and can only build whatever Ostheer Pionieres can, including base buildings.

  • Halftrack loses “Infantry Awareness” when equipped with Radio Silence and Radio Decryption but retains ability to reinforce.

  • Minesweeper uses Sturmpioniere Minesweeper statistics, not Pionieres (Less detection range for this minesweeper)

  • Sdkfz. 251 uses the same veterancy bonuses as Ostheer Sdkfz. 251.

  • Sdkfz. 251 benefits from the same bulletin buffs as Ostheer Sdkfz. 251

Tactical Movement: All Infantry will move at maximum speed for 20 seconds.

Close the Pocket: Cut-off enemy territories are bombarded with zeroing artillery that zones in on encircled infantry, tanks and emplacements in the affected area. (Same as Encirclement Variant)

In short, a very munitions-intensive Commander that allows the Ostheer with options to retain a stronger presence in combat early on that rewards a very aggressive player. Opinions are always welcome.

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