[USF][ALL]Sherman M4A3 (76mm) - Mechanized Company Oversight?

1 year ago
MSAF_Unbekannt_15MSAF_Unbe… Posts: 64
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After repeated testing of the Sherman M4A3 (76mm) for the USF using Cheat Command Mods, I realised that this MBT has the highest possible raw reload speed and alpha damage in the game (1.8-1.9 seconds reload speed with 160 damage per shot in the worst case scenario).

As I understand, this is a carbon copy of the Sherman M4C in the soviet Lend-Lease tactics, with the exception of "Radio-Net" replacing "Secure Mode" in Vet 1. I do not know if the developers overlooked how much radio net buffs the M4A3 (76mm) can actually stack up.

Vet 0 - Nil
Vet 1 - Radio Net Unlocked (-10% Reload x 3 Max, +5% Sight x 3 Max)
Vet 2 - +35% Weapon Rotation Speed, -20% Reload
Vet 3 - +20% Vehicle Rotation Speed, +20% Speed, + 20% Acceleration/Deceleration, -30% Reload

Put together, Two vet 1 Sherman tanks near a single M4A3 (76mm) at vet 3 can actually make the 76mm into what is essentially a 76mm autocannon, with up to (-80% Reload Speeds) and reload times of down to less than 2 seconds per shot. This makes it fire even faster than a Vet 3 StuG on hull-down (at 2.13~ seconds per shot on average).

No other Sherman Tank Variant has this ability because most of their reload speed veterancy buffs are capped at -20 to 30% and limited to only 1 veterancy level.

Is this meant to be part of the new USF strategy or is this another bug oversight that wasn't resolved by the prior patch?


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    1 year ago
    SkysTheLimitSkysTheLi… Posts: 2,271
    Seems like an oversight. I didn't even know this was a thing and US is my most played faction.

    I say that because this unit was just dragged over from lend lease during the Commander revamp last winter like you said. Id imagine this stacking issue is only there because the unit originally came from a soviet Commander
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    1 year ago

    Wow, good find! That definitely seems exploitable.

    I guess that's why it's a little overpriced, huh? haha

    It's a little odd that the soviet sherman gets a 50% reload bonus, where the m4a3 and easy 8 only can get to that level with a full radio net bonus. The soviet one also doesn't get any accuracy through vet. It's more or less a copy of T-34 vet. Maybe that would be worth looking at as well?

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