Question about commander update + new Wehrmacht commander idea

2 years ago

Hello guys! Do you know if RELIC is willing to add new units to the game with the commander update they'll do later this year? If they were, I just thought it would be great to add an Italian commander to the Wehrmacht! It would be a nice opportunity to give some space to one of the armies that took part in WW2, since it can't be a stand alone faction due to its lack of tanks (and other reasons). And why not, this could be the starting point to give some credit to French, Polish, Canadian and Japanese armies with other commanders!

My thoughts about what this new commander are that he should have an infantry unit from the "Folgore" (Italian special forces) and maybe some light tank, but I'm widely open to suggestion (especially for his abilities).

Please, let me know if this could be a viable idea or if someone else has just posted something like this...

Thanks for your attention!


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    2 years ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @Ser_FFFantolfin95 Based on everything I've read, the answer is no - Relic seems very unlikely to add new units. They may add one or two new units (if we're lucky) but not the amount you'd need to have an Italian commander. You might find one in the modding community; I know there's a Far East mod. You could always start a campaign to see Minor Powers' armies included in CoH3.

    If they were doing the Italians, I'd want to see Bersagliere infantry and at least one of the high quality Italian field pieces. Most of all, I'd like to see one of the Semovente series - probably their best armoured vehicles. If the commander had a tank, it would probably have to be a hypothetical, given the timeframe of the game is 1944 - 45. This is also why it's unlikely to happen; Italy had surrendered by then.

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    2 years ago
    Ser_FFFantolfin95Ser_FFFan… Posts: 7
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    Oh ok, I thought so... I'll check the modding community, thank you! But are we sure they are going to make CoH3? If that's the case, I'll inform better on the matter!

    The "Bersaglieri" were also a great Italian division, they would fit well too. I hoped that since the caimpaign mode is set at the beginning of the invasion of Russia they could find a place for Italian forces alongside the Wehrmacht...

    Maybe our writing about Italian troops will strike the heart the developers, who knows... XD

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    2 years ago
    LordGiorgio89LordGiorg… Posts: 1
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    Hi! I think this is a fantastic idea, because the axis not is only german's army. This is a game but it recounts the history too and the italians trups fought in a lot of the same fronts of Germany. Differently how often the people think, the italians fought very well and with some weapons very advanced. Yes in France the italians never fought, but brits, americans and russians not even never fought togheder like in CoH2. I hope at least in a new CoH3, if it set in North Africa, they will put italian's army (Regio Esercito) indipendent with Folgore, Bersalieri, div. Ariete, ecc. ecc.
    Rommel admired the italien's trups, who study the history know this.
    Have a good evening!

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    2 years ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @Ser_FFFantolfin95 My apologies for mis-spelling Bersaglieri - it's been a long time since I last played Panzer General.

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    2 years ago

    @PanzerFutz No problem mate! "Bersagliere" is the singular form of the word, while "Bersaglieri" is the plural one. So it wasn't a mistake. ;)

    @LordGiorgio89 It's the same thing I thought! It would be great if CoH3 was set during the North-African campaign… If they are going to make it, obviously.

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    2 years ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @Ser_FFFantolfin95 I would love to see CoH3 (if they make it) set in North Africa. The factions would have to be: Germans, Italians, British, US and French. Most interesting would be British commanders (at least to me) because of the diverse Commonwealth units - Australians, Indians and South Africans to name just a few. But I would also like to see what they came up with for the Italian and French units. A history fan's delight.

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    2 years ago


    Italy is in a weird place in WW2 since it was an Axis Power from 1939-1943 and then reverting into the Allied Forces from 1943 to 1945 when Italy declared war on Germany and Mussolini's supporters. That's one reason why the CoH developers find difficulty in inputting Italy into the CoH2 timeline. They fought for both major powers just like France did when they fought the US/UK in Africa under the command of Philippe Petain

    If they make CoH3, It would be interesting if they included the Vichy French Armée de l'Armistice, National Repulican Italians and the Afrikakorps fighting for the Axis and have them pit off against the Free French, Allied Italian Co-Belligerant Army and the Commonwealth if it was held in a North African Setting.

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    2 years ago

    @PanzerFutz If CoH3 was made as you say, it would be a great game!|

    @MSAF_Unbekannt_15 Yes, you are right. They could put us Italians in OBK or in US/British forces, it would still be ok... Certainly CoH3 in Africa would be a great occasion to give more space to all the WW2 forces.

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