[OKW] [MG 34 Vet Bonuses]

2 years ago
ReichsgardeReichsgar… Bad Tolz, Bayern, GermanyPosts: 121

Bug Description

I have mentioned this before but this does not seem to have been verified satisfactorily so I mention it again. I have a friend who digs through CoH 2 system files quite a bit to verify vet bonuses. He told me that OKW MG 34 squads don't benefit properly from Vet 3 bonuses.

If someone from the patch team or a dev could look into this and give us a written confirmation that it works, I would greatly appreciate it! And for the record, I am not reporting fake bugs but simply asking someone qualified to look into this matter. Thanks!

Repo Steps

Get a MG 34 squad to Vet 3 and measure its duration of fire.


Any map

Game Mode

Any mode without any mods



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