New USF Commander Ideas

2 years ago

1)Artillery Liaison Company/Fire Support Battery

Description: The artillery liaison commander provides vital information to coordinate combat support, utilizing powerful American direct and indirect fire assets to decimate opposing armor, infantry, and static emplacements. Relying on robust ground Forward Observer teams to relay firing data to the artillery battery Fire Direction Center (F.D.C.) to concentrate and coordinate the fires of the battery’s iconic American 155mm ‘Long Tom’ guns. This commander places heavy emphasis on junior officers to provide observed fire support to overrun enemy forces.

0 CP – Forward Observer (F.O.)/‘fire support team’ upgrade for junior officer squads only (Lieutenant and Captain): 50 Munitions (1/2 squad weapon slots).
• When upgraded a member of an officer squad would become a radio telephone operator (R.T.O.) or ‘Ratello’ armed with an M1 Carbine and equipped with an SCR-300 ‘man-pack’ radio (as seen on Pathfinders) that would be required for officers to call fire missions.
• The ‘fire support team’/R.T.O. upgrade would grant quicker territory capture times, similar to ‘Raid tactics’, but only if the squad is stationary and not taking direct fire (encouraging the use of smoke grenades for captures).

M10 ‘Wolverine’ Tank Destroyer (though an M18 Hellcat instead would be nice :) ): 300 Manpower, 90 Fuel (Major required).

Riflemen Field Defenses

2 CP – Riflemen Flares: 30 Munitions.

4 CP – M8 Greyhound: 280 Manpower, 60 fuel.

Mark Target: Veteran Scout cars and light tanks can mark enemy vehicles (as available with the USF Mechanized Company’s WC51): 20 Munitions.

5 CP – ‘Call for fire!’/ Battery Fire Directions Center (R.T.O. upgrade required): Veteran Junior Officers have access to the Fire Direction Center’s (F.D.C.) 155mm off-map Artillery battery (1 minute cool-down).
• Vet 1: Unlocks 155mm ‘Time on Target’ (T.O.T.) artillery barrage (similar to the I&R Pathfinder’s artillery strike): 140 Munitions.
• Vet 2: Unlocks pinpoint artillery strike (from the “Ardennes Assault” campaign’s ‘Fox’ Ranger Company): 80 Munitions.
• Vet 3: Unlocks 155mm ‘Shake and Bake’ artillery barrage (white phosphorous barrage followed by high explosive shells in quick succession): 180 Munitions.
Tank Destroyer ‘Hull-Down’: Rear echelon squads can dig entrenched and camouflaged positions for M10 and M36 tank destroyers (2 maximum cap).
• Once activated tank destroyers would become more resilient towards oncoming fire at the penalty of being static. When emplaced T.D.’s would be granted access to fire high explosive (HE) shells ‘indirectly’ while still being able to engage directly but with only standard and armor piercing munitions.
o M36 GMC HE barrage: 40 Munitions (30 second cool-down).
o M10 GMC HE barrage: 25 Munitions (30 second cool-down).
• Ambush tactics: Activation of ceasefire would enable veteran tank destroyer crews (veteran only) to remain hidden in the hull-down position until fired upon or deactivated.

11 CP – Off-map Tank Overwatch Artillery strike (from the “Ardennes Assault” campaign’s ‘Dog’ Support Company): 200 Munitions (2 minute cool down).

2)Ranger Assault Company/ Weapons Maneuver Company

0 CP – Riflemen M2 Flamethrower upgrade (veteran squads only): 60 Munitions.
M4A3 (105) Sherman upgrade (M4A3 Sherman dispatch required): 90 Munitions (Major required).
Dozer M4A3 Sherman upgrade: 60 Munitions (Major required).

2 CP- Infantry Sprint “Fire Up” (Including Rangers): 15 Munitions.

3 CP – M1919A6 Weapon Rack: 70 Munitions.

4 CP – Ranger Fast Attack Vehicle (F.A.V.): Mounted Ranger squad/w M1 Garand Rifles by default (x4 Thompson Upgradable) in WC51/w .50 Cal: 500 Manpower, 30 Fuel.
• Ranger squads have access to frag grenades, remote detonated demo charges (90 Munitions), and AN-M8 smoke grenades (15 Munitions).
• Thompson SMG upgrade (1/2 weapon slots): 90 Munitions.
• WC51 has “fire-up” ability: 20 Munitions

9 CP – M4A3E2 (76) W ‘Jumbo’ Sherman Assault Tank (1 unit maximum): 450 Manpower, 175 Fuel (Major not required).
• A hybrid between the Rifle Company’s M4A3E8 (76) W ‘Easy 8’ Sherman and the Heavy Cavalry Company’s M26 Pershing in regards to performance. Boasting armor relative to the latter M26 Pershing with firepower akin to the ‘Easy 8’ Sherman, since they would be armed with the same M1 76mm gun.

3)Armored Recon Company/ Cavalry Scout Squadron

0 CP – M24 Chaffee Light Tank (Captain Required): 350 Manpower, 90 Fuel.
• The M24 Chaffee’s performance would be a blend between the M5A1 Stuart and the M4A3 Sherman. The Chaffee would provide similar ‘high explosive’ damage with lower armor-piercing firepower to the M4A3 Sherman, while having armor thickness relative to the lighter M5A1 Stuart with added vulnerability since would present a larger silhouette.
Raid Tactics: 50 Munitions (1 minute cool down).
White Phosphorous 75mm shells for veteran vehicle crews (only available for M4A3 Sherman and M24 Chaffee): 30 Munitions/shell (20 second cool down).
Observation mode for light tanks and scout cars (M20 Utility Car, M24 Chaffee, and M5A1 Stuart): Immobile and unable to fire main weapon when activated.

2 CP – Mark Target: Scout cars and light tanks can mark enemy vehicles (as available with the Mechanized Company’s WC51): 20 Munitions (30 second cool down).

3 CP – Mounted ‘Cavalry Riflemen’ squad/w M1 Carbines by default (only x2 Thompson upgradable/squad) in M3 Halftrack/w .50 cal (from the “Ardennes Assault” campaign’s ‘Baker’ Mechanized Company): 450 Manpower, 20 Fuel.
• Thompson SMG Upgrade (1/2 Weapon Slots): 60 Munitions.
• Cavalry Riflemen have access to M5 Mines: 30 Munitions.
• Cavalry Riflemen access to frag grenades is dependent on default grenade rack unlock.
• Cavalry Scout Ambush Tactics (Veterans only): Dismounted veteran Cavalry rifle squads can be ordered to cease fire and camouflage when positioned behind yellow and green cover.

5 CP – Combined Arms Tactics: 100 Munitions (30 second cool down).

12 CP – P-47 Rocket Strike: 240 Munitions (2 Minute cool down).


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    2 years ago

    All of the counter-garrison stuff is just a reaction to the fact that for 280mp rifles suck and don't outshoot Volks or Grens well enough for that 30mp expense. Either bump RM to 6 men or push down the manpower cost to 260.

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    1 year ago
    MartevallMartevall Posts: 122
    OMG you did a great job , you have my vote :)
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    1 year ago
    MartevallMartevall Posts: 122
    A specially i would love to see the second one 🤗😍
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    1 year ago
    MartevallMartevall Posts: 122
    I think the second one is the best
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    1 year ago

    I need Churchill 3 in USF

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    1 year ago

    Thanks for the input, much appreciated.

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    1 year ago
    Zebra_CakesZebra_Cak… Posts: 2
    edited January 2019

    @SimpleSimon said:
    All of the counter-garrison stuff is just a reaction to the fact that for 280mp rifles suck and don't outshoot Volks or Grens well enough for that 30mp expense. Either bump RM to 6 men or push down the manpower cost to 260.

    It's depressing that we're this many years in after WF released and neither of these options have happened. Riflemen are garbage for their cost out the gate, especially considering they don't become relevant until you drop a bunch of manpower, fuel, and muni on upgrading them. Pretty disappointed to see virtually all the USF commander recommendations are just 'gib pershing pls', in some pairing of paras, priests, and skill planes, when the biggest weak point that really should get focused on for a new commander is just how bad USF is in what they are supposed to excel at: early and mid game aggression. I'll take a commander that gives rifles and rets some tools without me having to dump mountains of fuel and muni first over big meme tanks or manpower sinks like paratroopers any day. Especially with how much of a joke rifle company became and the exorbitant costs of using the one thing USF actually gets that's unique and helpful: White phosphorous.

    Guess they gotta get 30% winrate in another GCS again before we have hope.

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