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    @Temeh said:

    @Lazarus said:
    Well in theory you'd stack 5 man Bren blobs to hold up infantry with maybe a cheeky commando or Vickers in the mix if the enemy has outscaled you in the infantry fight.

    Well that's the root of the issue. There really is no catching up against okw blobs with just brens thus you need something else to spank them. I would prefer if that were either the churchill or comet since they are described to do decently against any targets. Right now however they are forced to flee from much more cost effective shreck blobs.

    That's an issue of Volks STG upgrades overperforming - not UKFs counters underperforming, which is why this isn't a problem with Ostheer. The STG package is well beyond the point of needing a rework so Volks don't scale so well to encourage the use of alternatives like Obers and Falls, which also gives UKF time to get their units ready to fight more elite units.

    @Temeh said:

    If the devs would have been smart from the beginning they would have made it so that units have different stats in different game modes. I wish we still had the win ratio page where we could get some hard evidence on axis winning the majority of the team games and that's not due to them being just better players. Fucking the other gamemodes has also been used as excuse since the beginning of the game and when some patches were so utterly broken people just used said "go play 1v1 or 2v2. 4v4 is just for fun and not meant to be balanced". And that's where people stop playing the game.

    The point was raised to them and they said they didn't want to change the stats of units between modes because they wanted a 1 v 1 player to be able to go to 4 v 4 and know what to expect from the units, and vice versa. It's not a bad idea in theory - and if you did something about the resource scaling in 4 v 4s you could get around most of the problems. The issue is, they haven't done anything about the resource scaling so we're left with this.

    I don't see why wanting to avoid screwing 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 isn't a valid argument though, because all you'll do by making 4 v 4 based changes will be shifting who comes to the forum. It'll be pendulum patches where one period it's balanced around 4 v 4, another it's balanced around 1 v 1. We'll go back and forth and never solve anything.

    @Temeh said:

    The switchable shell types only increases the amount of micro you have to do and are more of a burden than perk. Not that you could you the sherman in majority tank fights anyway As for the ranged smoke they are sometimes handy but will not save you like the german smokes do due to them being too clunky and slow to deploy.

    They aren't a burden at all. Sherman AP shells perform AI at approximately the same capacity as their German counterparts - so you lose nothing by not switching from AP to HE. You only stand to gain. That's a perk. Also yes, German smoke is defensive smoke, USF smoke is offensive smoke (you drop it on MGs or Paks before an advance, rather than on the retreat). They're two different beasts.

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