COH1 World Builder broken.

2 years ago
ClogGirthClogGirth Posts: 3

Reposting this from the steam forums from over 1 YEAR ago. This issue still persists and there is no conceivable fix. If someone needs to PM me or something to fix this I will be glad to help but its just disgusting how long this has been an issue.

I still make custom maps for CoH1 and now since the update [the workshop update] when I save it says, "The seleacted file is outside of all known scenario folders" then I get an error saying "Error Saving file 'C:\Users\MyName\Documents\MyGames\Company of Heroes\WW2\Data\Scenarios\MP\MapName.sgb". I cant even save the files to anywhere anymore. Not even my desktop. I am 90% sure it has to do with the implementation of workshop maps but I just dont know how to fix it. If I could get a response that would be great.


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