T-70 light tanks move too fast even when engine is damaged, and this can be abused

2 years ago
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I recently played a match against a soviet player and he spammed T-70's in early game. Normally I would punish this kind of 'strategy' by immediately spawning an AT gun, fausting the light tank and then killing it with AT. However this time my opponent used my buildings to get around and I was unable to catch and attack the T-70 with AT gun because I had to get close in order to not lose it to a turn around a building, and then the T-70 would easily avoid the shot. I had to spawn another AT gun to kill it but then he brought more T-70's. In the meanwhile I was already rekt on map overall because I was bleeding in base. T-70's should go much slower when they are engine-damaged, as slow as at least a medium tank, otherwise there is basically no counter to this abuse without bleeding too much manpower and probably losing a medic bunker


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    2 years ago
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    So you play Wehr? Because as Wehr all you need to do to punish a player that spams T70 is to get a Pz4 (T70 cannot and will not penetrate a Pz4 up front and deal minimal damage to the rear of a Pz4). The AI of Pz4 and T70 are roughly the same (T70 might be better at this and there are at least 2 of them).
    If there are lots of building on the map try hiding Grenadier behind a building where the Soviet player has no sight, wait for him to move around then jump on the T70 with your faust. Also Germans actually have mine that can serverely damage a T70. 1 mine + 1 faust = dead. 2 faust = dead. The Soviet player has to focus a lot of microing in order to use 2 T70 well since they die really really quickly.
    You can also try spawning a Puma to fight T70, drive 222 with Grenadiers inside to chase T70, jump down, get the 222 away, faust the T70 => ez kill (the same strategy can be used to get PTRS Penals close to a flak half-track by driving the M3 clown car str8 at the flak).
    2 hits of your AT would mean 1 T70 death. 320 MP vs 240?MP and 70 fuel is no brainer, even if you can't kill the T70 you still have the better hand. Soviet players have to rush T70 or they will lose to your superior infantry mid game and lose to your superior tanks late game.

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