2018's 5th anniversary update suggestions

1 year ago
TheLastManAliveTheLastMa… Posts: 8
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Dear Relic, these are my suggestions:

  • How about this mechanic. An hability called "out of service" were you could call any vehicle out of the battlefield. The purpose of this idea is to avoid keeping "early game vehicles" or "idle vehicles" such as the M3A1 "scout car", T70M, 222 "scout car", Dodge WC51 "scout car", M5A1 Stuart, M8 Greyhound, Kubelwagen, Bren Carrier, ... from ouccuping PopCap slots instead of sending them to death and giving experience to enemy units.
    To avoid abusing this hability, you would only get a porcentage of the invested resources in exchange. After the vehicle leaves the battlefield, you would have to wait certain time (a few seconds) till the unit icon dissapears from your current unit counter (the icons that indicates how many units you currently have) and you could use the free PopCap slots again. The porcentage of recources given could depend on the veterancy of the vehicle and the remaining health.

  • Light artillery should be more focused.

  • USF could have a field artillery cannon unit like the Field Howitzer 105mm or the extremly rare 155mm variant.

I hope that these ideas result appealing to you and thank you for this awesome game! Glory to Relic!

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