OKW vs USF [1v1]

1 year ago

Every time I fight OSH I win. Every time I fight OKW I lose.

It seems to me that at vet 2 Volks start fighting on equal group to rifles and they just can afford to keep spamming infantry, then the sch HQ locks down the fuel.

Prove to me that OKW is not overpowered.


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    1 year ago
    ArgensaArgensa Posts: 14

    I often find that USF against OKW comes into 2 different branches.
    Either you get Infantry Company or Tactical Support company and have infantry dominance then get steam rolled by either Luch or Flak HT or Pzer 4 which forces you to get the Captain instead of Lt to get the Stuart out (which counters Luch + Flak and can aid in fighting the Pz4)
    You get the Lt and get AA half-track and try to win the game before the Luch comes out and screw everything (note: The AA half-track actually wins 1v1 against the flak halftrack somehow) . I don't find Volk a particularly powerful unit. I think that the best way to fight OKW is to meet them head on at open space (as open as you could find) with your first riflemen and RE. They would either have 1 sturm 1 volk or 2 sturm. Focus the sturm squad (don't even bother running to cover). You can often kill 1 or 2 guys before they get close. They retreats. Get your RE to tank and move str8 towards the Volk squad. Either they wound your RE and force the squad to retreat and then lose to your riflemen or they run away immediately. Either way you get to win the first battle.
    If there is no open space then say goodbye to victory.

    Anyway DON'T let your enemy get to the Pz4. I find THAT the most imbalanced unit in the game (cheap, fast, more powerful than all of its peers) (when I say peers I mean T34/76, US Sherman, Valentine). Somehow that thing can even solo T34/85 and M4C Sherman half of the time. The tank is EXTREMELY good in killing infantry and decent at killing cheaper tanks.

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