How to overpass PopCap with USF.

1 year ago
TheLastManAliveTheLastMa… Posts: 8
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Today I will share a little secret I discovered a looong time ago and had been taking advantage of it since then. This is how it works:

*PopCap values are not accurate but i'm to lazy to check.

1º Make tanks till you reach the maximum capacity of PopCap. 98/100 for exp.
2º Make each tank crew abandon their respective tank. This will make your current PopCap decrease again. From 98/100 to 68/100 for example.
3º With the tank crews out of the tanks. Make units till you reach the maximum PopCap capacity again. From 68/100 to 97/100 for example.
4º And finally make each tank crew return to their respective tank. This will make your current PopCap rise over the 100 limit. From 97/100 to 121/100 for example.

There is no need to check what you just read. It works. I wouldn't call it a bug but this issue needs to be addressed. I've never seen anyone use this or even talk about this before, so I will take credit of this.


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    1 year ago
    PaedurPaedur Posts: 46

    Sorry to burst your bubble but this 'trick' was reported on Steam over 4 years ago. I think no one has commented on your post because everyone already knows about it.

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    1 year ago
    LungLung Posts: 9

    What the guy above said. Even then, its not a very valid strat. You're just wasting fuel. Maybe if you're in sandbox or something. But it doesnt matter. I usually play AI but I'll go on a limb and say Multiplayer matches are faster, and no one in Multiplayer is going to be commonly doing this considering vehicles are a valuable expensive unit. Yeah sure, you "can do it" but you can do this with any vehicle that gets knocked out. The only difference is the USF can just hop out of their vehicles on the fly, without having to have the crew killed in order to abandon the vehicle.

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