Punish leaver, Team killer and join again a game after crash ???

10 months ago


I Don't understand why in a "developp" game, there is not an option to join again a game after crash or bug ??

And, I'm fed up to have leavers in my team, and I would like to report them at the end of the game, why impossible ?
Same solution for team killers !

These missing options encourages guys to leave because they will be not punish or ban temporarily.

So my question is for you, developpers or CM, why you don't have implemented these options !


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    8 months ago

    You can report team killers, unfortunately you need video evidence of it. As for game leavers, there are many good reasons not to report them. Games can last a long time, and life happens. I have a dog, and there have been more than a few times where I've had to leave mid-game to let him out to pee, or someone knocks on the door, etc. Other times, leaving a game can be a good protest if people are griefing too hard, or the team has failed to vote to surrender when the game is clearly lost. There is also a bug where the vote to surrender doesn't work, and quitting the game is one's only recourse. It's simply impossible to report on the reason why a person leaves a game, from in-game evidence. Your ELO rating does take a hit, however, so in that sense, it is punished.

    As for the game crashing, that is frustrating. Especially when you suspect synch-hacking. Hopefully the devs will work hard to implement greater safeguards to this in the sequel.

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    7 months ago
    ballist1xballist1x Posts: 198
    There's going to be a sequel ?
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