Balance in 2v2 and probably also in 3v3 and 4v4

10 months ago

I have been playing the COH Franchise for 10 years now.

my honest opinion is that the game is now balanced when its 1v1 (More or less), however in 2v2 its really just broken!

Infantry section should not be able to carry 2 brin in the same time, also the light cover that they get all the time should be removed, because its been so abused to blob 3 Inf Sec and just walk through anything and wipe them off! even mgs.

now the biggest problem of all is the American, its a broken team from the start the idea that they get infantry for every building they unlock is outrageous and when they are equipped with M9090 they basically walk through anything even tanks when they get a bazoka too.

you need to solve these issues.

I have just played several games as allies, I didn't have to do anything but get infantry and tank destroyer to win the game without using any of my brain!

Please take this in consideration and look at the 2v2 win rate which will definitely show you something.


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    9 months ago
    ArgensaArgensa Posts: 14

    If the Allies spame Infantry and Tank Destroyer then what do they use to fight MG42s and anti-tank guns?
    The German has superior infantry if spammed (Grenadier anyone?), superior free-to-unlock grenades which punish non-micro intensive - allied player, superior anti-tank guns (2 invisible ratekenwerfer that roams the map and snipe Allied light vehicles anyone?), a medium tank that is actually decent against everything at its tier (Panzer 4 with its squad wiping cannon?), superior heavy tank (since allied heavies are what? KV1 with bad AT gun, KV8 flamethrower, Churchill with bad AT gun, Churchill Crocodile flamethrower, Pershing which is actually decent but kinda soft, IS-2 which is actually pretty good, and Comet), superior rockets (Walking Stuka and Panzerwerfer are just better against blobbing than Katyusha and Land Mattress can ever be since they shoot faster, not as hard though).

    At least let the Allied have better anti-tank vehicles (by which I mean the Su-85 and the Jackson)

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