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    2 years ago
    > @VonManteuffel said:
    > 234 Puma
    > -Puma now requires Battlephase 2 and is deployed from the Leichte Mechanized Kompanie
    > -Puma now costs 270 manpower, 70 fuel**
    > Does this mean Puma is removed from Mobile Defence Doctrine and now a nondoctrinal stock T2 unit? <3 praying to God

    No it does not. And I question the motives of anyone who wants this. That would be an absurd change
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    2 years ago
    I wish sector assault was not restored to Overwatch. This ability defies all logic and intelligence. You guys literally decided that it was OP for SCAS, p47s, il2 etc to spot for themselves while they loiter, so you removed it.

    Then you added this ability to the game, which can do more damage than any of those, AND it spots for itself. Those other abilities I mentioned shouldn't even be in the game, they should be strafes. Let alone something like this. Smh
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    2 years ago
    YoghurtYoghurt Posts: 77
    edited December 2018

    I had an idea for the commissar. NKVD used to have recon plane ability, maybe this could be combined into the commissar? It would give him more utility and it would combine well with the anti tank overwatch artillery ability. Don't know if that overwatch will be any good still though, it might need tweaking, like a larger radius for more area denial.

    Again, I feel i should also stress the need for the commissar squad to be subject to the merge ability, it makes the squad much worse without it. The medic model is just aesthetic and gameplay should trump that.

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