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    Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133

    1) I think that the Commissioner should appear 1 point.
    Why on 1 point?
    The reason is! Officer OKV is available at 1 point and not at 2 points and at the same time it can inspire fighters and the commissar does not.
    I think we need to make a switch.
    Yes, like so if you want Attack, then the protection turns off for 20-30 seconds
    If you want to defend, then the attack is disabled for 20-30 seconds.

    2) Aaa…. does the change in Shock Troops affect everyone or only one commander?

    3) Is it possible to change the Soviet commander "Labor Front."

    • To remove the KV-8.
    • To make them more effective as "Brumbmbar" (which increased the effectiveness of infantry in the radius)
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    So I gave Elite Armour a shot, and these are my observations:
    Panzer Commander is still kinda meh. The improved sight radius is the only real reason to use it, as the Coordinated Barrage is still only useful against completely stationary targets as it is very precise and only fires four shots. At least it's cheaper now so it's usable while still not spectacular.
    I agree that vehicle detection and heat didn't need a change as those were arguably the two best abilities of the commander anyways.
    Emergency Repair is bearable better now, but why does it share a cooldown with HEAT ammo? That makes no sense.
    Sturmtiger is still/again in the best case OK and in the worst case useless. It has very much the same effect as any call-in artillery: It forces back the enemy (or forces him to charge you even faster, and the Stumtiger can easily be overrun before it fires). It is mainly useful for fending off attacks, but not attacking. Due to the reduced AOE damage it is now even worse at dealing with emplacements unless you directly hit. Since it's release the Sturmtiger has gotten consistently worse, remember, it used to be able to one shot mediums at 50 range though buildings. Earning veterancy is also even slower now due to lower kill potential.

    A friend of mine used German Infantry in the 2v2 and from my observations it at least got considerably better than previously, though sacrificing the MG42 upgrade for the 5th grenadier squad member seems harsh. Maybe give the squad leader some sort of temporary buff ability to bring up DPS, but it doesn't seem necessary. Also it would be nice for Stormtroopers to have the accuracy buff with lower movement they used to have with the Stg upgrade.

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    SkysTheLimitSkysTheLi… Posts: 2,271
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    > @Zaidah said:
    > -Panzergrenadier still get 3 G43 with the upgrade, instead of 4 as mentionned in the patchnotes.

    Stormtroopers are the ones who are getting 4 g43s, not panzer grenadiers. They only mentioned pgrens to clarify which g43 profile they were using.
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    Schoki_JaegerSchoki_Ja… Posts: 24
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    So why got the valentine its IR scanner removed, i mean OKW has literally the same thing without an comander in the regular Kampfgruppenhauptquartier !
    In my oppinion if anything, the "Uhu" should get removed or nerved at least and not the only scanning allied vehicle, which you ONLY get with a single comander !

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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @Schoki_Jaeger I believe the Valentine had its IR scanner removed because, most players want it to be a better tank (unlike the Half-track, it can shoot). The gun has been buffed although, I'm not sure whether it matches the gun of the Cromwell and the Churchill yet. It should if it is supposed to have the same 75 mm gun but, in real life the Observation Valentine had no main gun at all. It did not have any IR capacity, relying on binoculars and the good, old Mark I eyeball.

    The IR Half-track has no weapons of its own so, any player using it must use some of his population points on a unit that can't fight. It did actually use an infrared spotlight so, it is historically accurate. It On the other hand, it totally violates the game's True Sight system, which IR could not do at that time, and it operates independently of units equipped with IR scopes, which is not how it worked in real life. If the game were accurate, only Panthers and Obersoldaten equipped with IR scopes would be able to see enemy units illuminated by the "Uhu" and they wouldn't be able to see anything hidden behind buildings or heavy cover.

    However, that wouldn't be as much fun so, I doubt they're going to change it.

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,723

    From a design point of view:
    Imo the focus should be to better design the commander themselves and not trying to balance the faction. The aim should be to create viable commander that offer alternatives but not commander that OP to compete with the meta commander that OP themselves and they should be actually redesign to have less a power combination of abilities.

    The changes should also follow the there theme of the commander.

    When making the changes one could also see them as interim step requiring changes to other commander also.
    For instance: interdiction "casualties intonation" make perfect sense for a unit like storm-troopers who actually where military intelligence even if it present to "light infantry training" where it does not belong. It can be removed from there in the next patch if it an issue with scope.


    Armour company.
    The theme of the commander implies heavy use of armor and an attempt should made to be followed.

    Assault Engineers:
    The idea of turning this unit into a "elite fighting" unit does not go along with "Armor" theme of commander. In addition the presence of "elite" infantry before minute 1 reduces from the tactical aspect of the game, since allot depends of the performance of that unit in the first engagements.

    Finally 5 men squad being able to equip both flamers and assault rifles have already been proven problematic and should be avoided.

    Reduce cost/move to CP1 make the unit more about utility than raw firepower. Allow flamer for 4 men squad or 2 Thompson+1 entity locked behind officer.

    Elite Vehicle Crews:
    The Thompson change although an improvement it only leads to cheesy tactics especially in combination with M10 allowing to drive on atgs and disembark.

    Either scrap the ability or make it about veterancy as the name implies and that would also open the way for the reintroduction of "troop training".

    Player could pay manpower and fuel making his vehicle more expensive while getting more out of the veterancy of his vehicle. For instance the can either be able to reach vet 4 or they could gain a small stat buff (10%) to the normal vet bonuses.

    M10 Tank Destroyer:
    Actually this unit does not fit the commander and other armor like the 78mm Sherman, easy8 or Persing seem allot more suitable. In addition the unit should not be competing with M36.

    Make the unit a call-in at an increased price but make it also build-able via major at the current price (this change should probably apply to other unit to increase usability across mode and economy inflation). Move unit to mechanized.

    Sherman 105mm Dozer:
    Modeling the unit after the brumbar is a mistake imo. The unit is available with no tech or with a cheap upgrade of 80 mu making far more cost efficient. Faction are completely differently designed and Brumbar is there to compensate for the weaker Ostheer infantry.

    One could redesign the unit as:
    Infantry support tank similar to Churchill with emphasis on durability and not firepower
    Assault gun proving indirect fire support either similar to KV-2 or to priest with sort range small number of shells (3?) and low cool-down.
    or one could remove the unit from the commander.

    240mm Artillery:
    Although the changes are good for the design of the ability (the now make Gustav look even worse)
    heavy artillery does not fight the commander so much thematically and lighter version of artillery maybe should be available.

    Replace the ability with a "105mm barrage" modeled after ostheer "Light Artillery Barrage". That would increase the synergy with armor since one could use the ability earlier during armor rushes without risking destroying his own armor. The ability could be moved to another commander.

    The theme of commander implies a heavy use of lighter vehicles and imo the commander should be focused in use of such vehicles.

    (in game description does not mention the m21)
    The unit's mark target and barrage abilities seem debutante since "refit and refuel" allow the unit to removed in later stages of the game.

    Replace assault engineers as crew to m3 with a normal crew, they overlap with cavalry riflemen and the m3 is way to cheap. Remove med-kits from m3 as unnecessary and exploitable.

    Refit and refuel:
    The ability suits the commander allot but it is confusing to use since the player does not know what it get back for removing a unit from the map. In addition it is open to exploits.

    Move the ability to the vehicles themselves and redesign the ability so that it allows light vehicles to be swamped with one other light vehicles for the cost difference (+ a taxation?) and maybe some XP. This will greatly improve the use versatility of the commander.

    For instance if one can replace WC-51 with an m20 one could go captain and still have access to the unit or if one builds an m20 and he can replace it with a greyhound once can go Lt and still have access to pseudo light tank.

    Swaps could either be specif or pop up could be available (allowing more options).

    Cavalry Riflemen:
    Although a infantry call-in seem a bit off for mechanized commander that already has more access to unit that any other commander it could still become viable with some changes.
    Unit is way to strong for "mechanized commander" while it offers to mcuh AI and AT being able to equip a bazooka or a bar.

    Reduce CP 1, USF elite infantry suffer from the fact that a) come too late when player have already produced enough riflemen (and in addition officers will come) b) B are to expensive (and thus strong) in order to compete with the already strong riflemen.
    Imo lowering their CP to 1 and reducing the cost/strength to riflemen will make easier to built while the can become more attractive by increasing their scaling and utility.

    Reduce cost to 280 have start with 5 grease guns and have the Thompson as an upgrade taking up all slot (locked behind 1 officer). Lock satchel (and smoke?) behind grenades remove engine damage from satchel (maybe tone down damage abit) or replace with stun/daze. Allow access to paratroopers bazooka.
    Vet 1 ability "light vehicle training" a passive or active aura providing a small buff to light vehicles like +5 sight -1 target size.

    Combined Arms
    The ability is nice but seems a bit expensive.

    Reduce cost to 70 and tone down affects.

    Reserve armor
    The ability is problematic with the current implementation. Thematically superior armor does not fit a mechanized commander. Access to 2 more doctrinal units while the commander already has access to 4 doctrinal unit bring the total to 6 is excessive. Dozer available for 80 munition is too cheap.

    76mm Sherman vet bonuses are to high especially combined radio net.

    Replace with M10 as call-in/build-able unit.

    76mm Sherman performance price and vet bonuses should not be connected with Soviet version of the unit. The faction and tech cost are different and the unit should be balanced separately. In addition one has to take into account that USF Sherman is already superior since it has radio net, smoke and disembark.

    Unit could also be changed to a clone of the normal Sherman with access to AP rounds to differentiate the 2 units.

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    @PanzerFutz although you got everything right with the valentine, i still disagree with the Uhu, because of the dirt cheap price (200MP, 5Fuel, 5Popcap) for 1 Unit and then beeing abel to cover some maps at the whole frontline with an legal wall hack is a bit much and ruins the game for the allied player most of the time. Especially when you consider that the thing scans passive with no Ammo beeing used at all.
    The point is that in addition to the Wehrmachts MG Bunker spam and the the scanning of the Uhu, every anttempt of a flanking attack gets destroyed by the already alerted Germans. And adding to all that, i recently discovered the bug of the Uhu not even showing its scan to the allied players and so destroying their tactics.

    Solution: Adding the Uhu to some comander (Comandpanther, Goliath, ...) and so limit the use of free scaning.
    Or you can use the Uhu only by use of Ammo over time.

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,723
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    Would it possible to have post in the updates section that includes all abilities of each commander being revamped (even those not touched) and they changes that apply in the current patch?

    It is becoming a bit confusing to read the notes.

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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @Schoki_Jaeger I agree with what you've said and I think there are 3 ways to fix the problem.

    1) Make the IR scanner conform to True Sight rules so it can't see through buildings or terrain features that would block normal vision. This would be a more accurate version of the way the unit operated in real life. It would then be possible to "hide" from the scanner while inside its scanning arc. Surprise could be achieved defensively but probably not when attacking. However, the build-up to an attack could be hidden and the OKW player would get less time to react to the attack when it came.

    2) As you suggest, take it out of the core force and make it a doctrinal unit. In that case, my suggestion would be to put it in Special Operations, bundling it with the Infrared StG-44 Package. This would also be accurate given that the "Owl" always operated in conjunction with units using IR scopes in real life.

    The problem with this solution is replacing it in the core force with another unit. The OKW simply doesn't have any vehicles which have the same level of tech. The only unit that comes close is the Wehrmacht's Mortar Half-Track. There would be some symmetry in importing this unit into the OKW core force. It would be doctrinal for one faction but a core unit for the other - just like the Puma is.

    3) Make it a toggle ability which burns munitions whenever it's on. For a faction which is always resource-challenged, even a rate of 10 Munition Points per minute would prohibit an OKW player from using it all the time. The OKW player would then be limited to scanning before attacking to prevent being surprised and intermittent scanning in likely avenues for enemy attacks. This solution seems to me to be the most likely, given the developers' preference for small, nerfing tweaks instead of bigger, more comprehensive changes.

    Personally, I'd prefer solution #2. I don't really use the IR half-track much because, I mostly play 1 v 1 and it's more useful in team games. I'd get more use out of the Mortar Half-track the way I play.

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    @PanzerFutz I fully agree on that and would really like to see the Uhu being used in the Special Operations Comander and replacing with something like a really cheap version of the Sd.Kfz. 221 with a really hight true sight range, so that OKW has still the ability to scout at least with something !

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    SkysTheLimitSkysTheLi… Posts: 2,271
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    @Vipper I may just just be being a stickler here, but isn't the grease gun an smg? (With regards to your point about ass engies) I feel like it's damage profile is okay with a flamer. But I think 5 men in general is too many men for a flamer squad, no matter what they're carrying. I support the 2x tommy and +1 model idea you gave. I think 5 men ass engies from minute 0 is too much.

    Also props to your thouroughness (is that a word?) on these ideas you've been sharing. I think the trend of your ideas about stormtroopers and ass engies (adding utility to make up for combat prowess) is something the game could use more of across the board.

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,723
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    @SkysTheLimit said:
    @Vipper I may just just be being a stickler here, but isn't the grease gun an smg? (With regards to your point about ass engies) .

    Sorry I was was not clear enough I was talking about flamer/bar combination (bar in game is more like umber assault rifle or assault rifle/lmg hybrid since it can fire one the move and has long range accuracy).

    Thank for reading my rather long posts and for your kind words.

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,723
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    Tactical Support Regiment

    2CP Designate Command Vehicle
    Ability is quite strong and the nerf to the gun do not affect all vehicles abilities. It also promotes blobbing. Auras would be allot better designed if they had to parts a small one passive and second active but timed. In addition it would be better if they scale with veterancy similarly to C. Panther.

    4CP Field Recovery Operation
    CP of ability is too high, CP 3 would be better even CP 2 or even 1.

    4CP Air Resupply Operation
    Ability should be available to be used in own base sector and it should be able to target any part of sector not just the flag.

    The ability is quite cost efficient especially compared to more expensive "Supply Drop" which also provides a lesser MG (would also be better to provide a mortar since HMG is available from T0 and one might want to skip T1) and compared to Ostheer medical supplies. Also change the name of the mortar to "Ordnance ML 3 inch mortar" so that the commander does not get a "lend lease" flavor, (if possible use the mortar pit models.)

    10CP Forward Observation Post
    Ability CP far too high, by that time most ambient building are destroyed. It also rather expensive 300/60 for ambient while rather cheap for FRP 300 (200+100)/10.

    The call-in are quite powerful and all of the can be called allowing both vision and 4 different attacks which is simply overwhelming. Abilities should share global cooldown.

    Rethink the role of the ability and redesign it. Ability would be allot better if its CP was reduced to 2-4 provided intelligence (vision and minimap, maybe arty flares?) and weak indirect fire support/smoke. Reduce for the upgrade down to 150mp/40mu and allow "victor mortars barrages" from mortar pits. Maybe also allow reinforce or heal with an upgrade.

    12CP Firestorm battle group "crocodile"
    There is little reason for this unit in another UKF commander. It can also be nasty as a Command vehicle since flamer does not seem to be affected by penalties.

    Replace with a version of valentine (no reckon abilities)as a candidate for command vehicle . If you want to increase the "lend lease" feel of the commander add the Dozer instead or simply bring back arty cover in cheaper less power version.

    Suggestion for crocodile:
    The combination of smoke and a flamer completely hard counter ATGs. Replace the ability with smoke deployed as the normal Churchills but instead of a normal smoke it creates the old commando smoke providing cover status so that the Croc can have better synergy with infantry.

    Make the flamer leave no DOT and adjust DPS, have DOT fire as ability (Vet1?)

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    I think, that the Urban defense doctrine is still underpowered. The forward HQ still can't be a retreat point. Stormtroopers don't feel like they were buffed. And the doctrine has no late-game abilities, while all it's early and mid game abilities are mediocre at best. IMO, the problem can be solved by adding an ability to build\call-in a tank or by adding some serious damage dealing ability.

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    ComradComrad Posts: 123

    Sector Artillery (Wehrmacht) - it's Scorched Earth Policy (old version USSR), only more powerful.
    This ability:
    1) Cheap
    2) Too strong
    If you do this ability to the Wehrmacht, return Scorched Earth Policy (old version) for Soviets, just make it more powerful and that it as before controlled the entire friend's territory, shooting at the territory of Katyusha rockets or ML-20's volleys.

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,723
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    NKVD Disruption Tactics from desing point of view.
    Thematically the commander fits an infantry oriented commander.

    4CP Recon Flight
    Strumovic attacks and reckon overflight do not mix since the combination is too powerful in addition radio intercept fits the commander perfectly and provide information already. The decision to replace ability was correct.

    6CP Fear Propaganda Artillery
    The ability was good thematically but the commander can do with out it.

    6CP Rapid Conscription
    Since the commander is infantry oriented this ability could help reduce bleed allot, with a redesign since the current implementation has it problem. One end up with squad he might not actually want. Now if the ability was more like recoup losses and instead conscript the unit that returned was "Shtrafbats" . "Shtrafbats" would be a unit with target size with low DPS and the ability "improved merge" that also healed something like 6 hp but would not be able to reinforce. So they could be used to man support weapons or reinforce troops in the front line. Their vet 1 ability would be "redeemed in blood" where the could upgrade to another infantry like penals/conscripts or even shock/Guards.

    CP 0 Kv-8 heavy flamethrower tank
    The could fit the commander with some changes.
    The unit is still in weird place since it has a tech cost and then another 145 fuel for basically a AI unit with poor AT capability. Since this is a specialized unit it can be call-in again with come changes.
    Unit can be called in at current price (maybe require T3)or can also be built from T4 for 120 fuel. This will help the unit be more attractive across mode and economy inflation.
    Reduce rear armor which is simply to high and unit like the PzIV has trouble dealing with the vehicle even when it has successfully flank it.
    The damage reduction is a very powerful change and imo it should be moved to vet 1 as timed ability it could also scale with veterancy.
    The unit should have it vet bonuses checked and have mobility replaced with any addition HP/armor it might need.

    Armor bonuses should become (+) value instead (x) value since the bonus hardy offer anything to protect the vehicles from rear shots.

    This change could help allot Soviet play T1/T2(/T3) strategies with KV-8 acting as damage sponge. It would then have to gradually (or even wit patch) be removed by commander with Super heavies like IS-2/KV-2 and move to other commander without Premium mediums/heavies. It will also help balance the unit better.

    CP 0 Radio intercept
    Ability is nice and fits the commander thematically.

    CP 2 Commissar Squad
    Although this is a great addition the unit has some issues with the implementation. Having an passive aura could lead to number of issues with the Soviet tendency to horde but currently its a rather micro heavy unit having to switch between Commissar chose the unit you want and be ready to retreat since the affected unit will probably be focused fired upon if "Fight to the Death" is chosen or avoided and move away if "stand you ground" is chosen. The unit is simply not enough to "shell" the commander.

    Rename to "NKVD Commissar Squad"
    Give a passive aura to the unit to be worth unit but not one that buff stats to avoid blobbing. Instead one that improves abilities already available to the units. For instance Conscripts could fire thei weapon during "ourah" or gain a accuracy bonus when stationary, Molotov AT grenades could get sorter time to use or more range, penal satchels could more range.
    One could introduce these abilities to the units themselves but not be able to use them unless in the aura of Commissar.
    This changes aim to make the Commissar a good addition to the army but reduce the need to blob since the cost on using them in blob would go up.

    Another approach would be that officer came with no abilities but could be upgraded to either:
    военком Commissar giving defencive abilities/bonuses
    NKVD giving offensive abilities/bonuses

    CP 3 Scorched Earth Policy
    The ability fit the theme but again there issues with the implementation. The fire damage seem good and all booby traps should be changes to incendiary as this one. The trap thou takes way to long to build especially since one has to decap cap and build and can actually backfire if used on friendly sector since one could just drive with HT over the traps set them off with caping them and watch the owner lose resources.

    Do not replace Rapid conscription but change it as suggested.
    Separate the ability into 2 parts the trap for CE and disable of neutral sector Commissar
    simply leave rapid conscription and add the disrupt part to the Commissar squad.

    CP 12 IL-2 Strurmovic attacks
    The commander can should have a strong call-in attack but maybe bombing or AT bombing are better candidates. Any way from a design point of view loiter planes should be redesigned a bit (and so should AA weapons, for instance quad is OP as AA, while boffor sand USF AAHT to weak). They should be allowed a first run without being able to be shot down maybe providing a small loss (1-3) only for the first run. Then instead of being easy to shot down they should suffer "suppression" type penalties when fired upon from AA weapons.

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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    Here is what I would do to fix the Soviet Commissar Squad:

    1) Leave all abilities as they are in the current patch but, add a command aura (it's necessary for the the next 2 suggestions).

    2) Add Medical Supplies (like the British Infantry version) as his Veterancy Level 1 ability. This would fix the glaring issue for the Soviets of not having enough commanders who have an ability to heal units away from the base.

    3) Make Vet Levels 2 & 3 improve all the units in his aura except him (like the OKW Panther Command Tank), including teams and vehicles. These buffs would only be small because, they would be added to each unit's existing veterancy buffs and the Commissar can buff one unit even further for short periods of time. This would bring the Commissar into balance with Officer units from other factions.

    These changes would go a long way toward remedying the deficiencies of the Commissar Squad as it currently stands. I do hope you'll give these suggestions at least some consideration.

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    1 year ago

    The commissar seems to be the most debated addition to the game, for good reason. Personally i'd say the offensive buff isnt worth too much since it comes with a way more severe debuff than the defensive one. I could imagine replacing this offensive buff with an ability similar to the Ost Officer boost, a timed aura with a small munitions fee and no downsidea for a brief period of time.

    Other than that i would also like to give the Cavalry rifles smoke hand grenades since it is rather silly how they all have smgs yet whip out garands from thin air to fire smoke rifle grenades. would also somewhat limit the effectiveness of the smoke by reducing range.

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    1 year ago

    When are we going to get the Update by the way ?

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    le12role12ro Posts: 2,331 mod
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    With a bit of luck, we may get an update to the mod sometime today (11/09/18) according to my shoutbox rumors ears.

    Keep your eyes peeled on this forum!

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    1 year ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 284 admin

    Version 1.4 is now live!

    Latest notes viewable here:

    Keep that sweet feedback coming.

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    1 year ago
    Holy tits! KV-2 buff as I live and breathe?!?
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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    What's the point of giving feedback if you just ignore it and do something completely different? What's the point of making the Commissar a retreat point if he doesn't have any healing ability?

    Most of the new changes seem fine, even if no one asked for some of them (KV-2? I haven't seen anyone suggesting that unit needed a major buff). But, the developers are still being bitter clingers when it comes to making a half-way decent Commissar Squad. Maybe they could give the Soviets a non-doctrinal Ambulance like the Americans and fix the problem for good. He says, knowing it will never happen

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    1 year ago
    @PanzerFutz Just because the balance team did not take your idea does not mean they are ignoring feedback from the community. The fact that we have this patch at all proves that.

    I have been regularly critical of relics decisions in this game. But "ignoring our feedback" is unfair to say to a company making content and patches for a game that's more than 5 years old. This is one of the most popular RTS in running, they can't please everyone
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    some thoughts on 1.4

    Now he is finally useful in his new job of sitting by a USF ambulance! So the brave defenders of Mother Russia no longer have run all the way back to base. This really the only use I found for this unit, and I tend not to purchase him till i had t4 up.

    The P43 is a weird unit as it simultaneously amazing and terrible, and as it is now the P43 is a glass cannon that can be great is your opponent tank spams and forgets indirect fire weapons exists.

    -amazing damage
    -Magic shells that ignore obstacles

    -easily decrewed
    -easily countered by any indirect fire
    -meh range

    Idea for buffs
    1) turn into a emplacement like 17 pounder (just take the 17-IBs emplacement model replace gun the pak43
    2) increase range
    3)remove magic shells

    German Infantry Doctrine:

    1) Beat most allied infantry in 1v1
    2) makes Panzergrenadiers redundant Pgrens only useful for the 2x panzerschreck
    3) only countered by blobs, bofors, tanks and Elite CQC Allied infantry

    Stormtroopers are great you've turned them from a unit I never used to a near must have, However. I am find it strange that this unit has gotten so much attention when Veteran Squad Leaders still needs work. I don't want to sound like a broken record about the Veteran Squad Leaders, but I feel like my feedback is being ignored. Two other doctrines already have stormtroopers, and it feels like your buffing them instead of GID.

    Ideas on VSLs buffs
    1) make it global upgrade similar to UKF were player must choose to improve infantry and delay tech up
    2) Unique Weapons
    -VSL for Pioneer comes with an non-transferable lMG 28 (p) (captured Polish BARS) for increased DPS
    -VSL for Grenadier comes with a non-transferable Stg-44 for a boost in DPS
    -VSL for PanzerGrenadier comes a non-transferable g43 for a boost in DPS
    3)Unique Ability
    -VSL for Pioneer comes with Ability Munition salvage Similar to OKW but only gains munitions
    -VSL for Grenadier comes Ability "Combat Experience" gains 10% increased accuracy and -10% Cool down between shots
    -VSL for PanzerGrenadier comes with smoke grenades
    4) no longer disallow mg 42

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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @SkysTheLimit I'm sorry if the tone of my responses offends some people but, there seems to be an anti-Soviet bias from the (I'm guessing largely American) developers.

    Every other faction has the ability to heal units away from their base non-doctrinally. Not only do the Soviets get screwed in this regard, the developers can't even bring themselves to have more than one Soviet commander who redresses this anomaly. [By comparison, the British don't have any core artillery units but, 7 out of their 8 commanders have artillery abilities to offset this.] It seems only fair to me that the Soviets should have multiple commanders who have some ability that allows healing away from the base and the Commissar Squad is the most obvious way to achieve that.

    Giving the Commissar a Retreat Point ability is great for those who play 2v2 or more but, it sucks for those playing 1v1. As @SomeguyfromIdaho says, now Soviet players can camp their Commissar next to a US Ambulance or a British Forward Assembly if they want their units healed away from their base. That's no help to someone playing 1v1 though. What exactly can a Soviet player do, once he's retreated his infantry back to the Commissar? If Soviet half-tracks had Medical Crates like the US ones, this might make sense... but they don't. Sure, replacements can be taken and Conscripts can be folded into units. Still, the perception remains that Americans think the Soviets preferred to just let their men die rather than lift a finger to heal them.

    Additionally, I don't think I'm the only one who feels like his input is being ignored. I realize that the developers have to find a balance and take the middle road when it comes to these revamps. It just seems that sometimes they completely ignore the same suggestion made by multiple people, only to then introduce something for which nobody asked [cough, KV-2 buff, cough]. I don't recall reading any suggestions for the Commissar squad to get grenades and yet that's the direction they went.

    Personally, I think they've done a great job with this patch with two obvious exceptions. The first is what I've been going on about above. The second is Veteran Squad Leaders - they should really have put a bit more thought into it. It feels like something they didn't really want to add and they've given us something that no one really wants so, they have an excuse to remove it later (Withdraw & Refit redux). It doesn't come across as an ability that actually adds much to the game - the way it would if it were a global upgrade.

    It is a great game and I love playing it but, sometimes it can be so frustrating.

  • #88
    1 year ago

    I don't think you really need to apologize relic isn't going scrap this patch because you vented some of your frustrations, and I agree relics portrayal of the Soviet Union is really bad.(who arw mostly Canadian I think)From copying Enemy at the gates and doing the "everyone was sent to gulag or purged" meme. COH is a war game and it should never go into the internal politics of any side of the war.

    I agree with frustrations I been disappointed with thier handling of GID as they seem to be focusing primarily on Stormtroopers with these updates
  • #89
    1 year ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @SomeguyfromIdaho I can't complain about the Stormtroopers, given that I was one of the loudest voices asking for more German infantry call-ins. I actually like having them in the German Infantry doctrine but, I'm not as happy about the VSL's. If they'd gone all-in and made it a global upgrade, it would really make the doctrine stand out because, it would have offered an improvement to all the Wehrmacht infantry units. Different players could then customize their forces to suit their styles, while using the same doctrine. This would have been something quite unusual.

    As for the Soviets, my complaint is just that Relic isn't following its own pattern. Factions which lack something in their core force usually get compensation through their doctrines. The British lack core artillery but, they get a lot of it with their commanders. The US lacks good tanks in their core force but, many of their commanders provide better tanks. However, the Soviets lack the ability to heal away from the base and they only get one commander who redresses this. That is neither fair nor balanced.

    I applaud the developers for listening to the players and introducing the Commissar Squad in the first place. I just wish they had understood from the start what was really needed from this unit. The buff and Force Retreat abilities are nice but, the Retreat Point and Medical Supplies were the most essential qualities needed for the unit. It has taken four versions of the revamp and they've only now grudgingly added the Retreat Point. I'm hoping that, with a bit more hectoring, they'll finally give him some healing ability. I'd happily see the grenade go to make room for it, given he's not really meant to be a combat unit. Commissar's weren't known for their fighting abilities.

    I'd also like to say that I like the new Inspire ability for the tanks although, I'd rather see it apply to all the Soviet heavies and not just the ones that have the most ability to kill their own infantry.

  • #90
    1 year ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 235
    edited September 2018

    We might need to check out USF Tactical Support P47 strafe and the Sherman Calliope. Its really under power now for its cost and it fires like Land Mattress but not as devastating as Mattress because it does not fire the same amount of rockets. Longer cool down too.

    Axis Closed Air Support needs a Buff.
    At least it can one strafe light vehicles in a sweep but light tanks at least 1 - 2 sweep and medium from 3-4.

    Axis Entrenching tools should be combined with Tank Traps and Hull Down. They just occupy too much space in command skill but will be used once or twice a game.

    Mobile Defense Doctrine
    Need to change the Osttruppen to 0 CP and 1 squad only. It just Cost too much to buy at the moment.

    Rail Way Arty Support is just a waste of Ammunition kindly buff it just like in the allies counter part.

    Luffwaffe Supply

    Make the Medical Supply Drop cost less.

    Incendiary Bombing Run

    To make this commander attractive improve Incendiary Bombing Run of this commanders. Its so good that it can turn the tide.
    Giving the enemy the experience of Hell on Earth.

    When you choose this coz you'd go for FIRE!

    Currently Incendiary Bombing Run Damage over time is so Weak.
    Also it should have a huge area of effect coz it arrive so late vs the soviet Incendiary Arty.

    **Solution **
    Increase Fire damage
    Improve Cost
    40sec-60sec Cool Down
    Area Of effect larger
    Burning time longer
    Area denial like trait

    Hans where is the flammenwerfer?

    "I did not come here to bring peace, but a flamethower"


    Kill it with FIRE!

    Soviet Reserve Army
    The rest of the commander skill are meehh!

    Soviet Reserve Army means SOVIET only

    Change **Partisan Tank Hunters to T-34 -85 ** so we can have

    T-34-85 and ML-20 at one commander to make it attractive

    Scavenge Doctrine

    Changes i recommend.

    Thorough Salvage is just a waste of space coz it will take longer to salvage wreckage itwill give you very small amount of munition, does not really give a lot of help just waste of commander skill. Make it faster coz its hard to look for wreckage anyway.

    FlakPanzer Ostwind Why?????????

    Stormtroopers just give them

    Smoke grenade (MP44 is cool if you got smoke)
    Satchel Charge and Bundle Grenade Shared Cool Down. (Choose to kill inf or building, you decide your fate.)
    INVISIBLE PANZER SHEKZ will make Allies cries when spammed.

    This way they can STORM the front line.

    Model 24 Stun Grenade we need more of it. Its accessible only to Elite Troops Doctrine.

  • #91
    1 year ago
    I'm personally not a fan of the forward retreat on the commisar. It will find itself just as the major I fear- as a pop eating non com cancer enabler. (retreat at any inconvenience with reduced drawback) if it's to have the retreat it should be a timed ability to allow for dynamic play and allow it to see some more of the Frontline.

    As said I'm glad the KV-2 is getting love. The reason you don't see people asking for buffs is because it was in a niche commander that had already been accepted as dead, but I think the kv-2 is a wonderful addition to the urban defense commander.

    The m42 canister change should be interesting, can't wait to try it

    I think the pak43 should remain in defensive doctrine as it is kind of the most iconic defensive unit the OST have... If the plan is to turtle the pak is the best. The rest however..... Like the Soviet community doctrine it suffers from being too little spread out too much. You have WFA doctrine abilities that provide soo much for 1/5 the abilities and here you have some of the weakest abilities as one. Tbh I think tank traps, trenches and hull down are all niche enough to fall into a single ability opening up room for something like Riegel AT mines or ambush camo or ostroppen reserves or for the fatherland type ability it needs SOMETHING more. A little more substance to the commander. Removing the pak would require an elefant or something to even begin to make it attractive.

    As always that's my thoughts on the matter
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