USF commander suggestion: Urban Assault company

9 months ago
C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 339
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-Urban Assault company-
1. Cavalry Rilfeman or Thompson upgrade for Rifleman
2. Rear echolon flamethrower upgrade
3. M3 Halftrack or Sniper
4. M10 Wolverine
5. Smoke barrage / Offmap Arti

  • Rifleman can fight in close range / deadly corner in Urban while being cheaper than Ranger. Since Cavalry Rilfeman has alot of action (Frag grenade / smokenade / AT sachel / Flare / Defensive stance / Hunkerdown), its ok to keep only Frag & Smoke nades or make Thompson upgrade for Rifleman .
  • Its hopeless to me when Ost bring MGs in buildings, while Frag grenade is not effective as Bundle24 and need 25fuel upgrade. I prefer Flame thrower in this case.
  • M3 halftrack or Sniper, either M3 support by reinforcement/Rear with Flamer on M3 or Sniper take out MGs in buildings.
  • Wolverines have flanking speed, better suit in Urban than Jackson.
  • Anykind of barrage, either smoke or 155mm or Priest to weaken enemy defensive before assault.


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    8 months ago

    Hm, thematically I don't think an Urban Assault Company would make much sense.

    Historically the US army, from what I read and heard, didn't have much high intensity urban battles during the war.

    Off the top of my head, I can only think of the Battle of Cherbourg (France, 1944), Aachen (Germany, 1944) and Manila (Philippines, 1945) where the US fought in some pretty brutal close quarters battles in an urban location.

    With the Soviets and OstHeer, it makes sense for them to have Urban commanders since the two clashed in some of the world's bloodiest urban fighting. The Brits you could argue were better prepared for urban fighting with an emphasis on heavy infantry support tanks and crack sappers in the war.

    OKW oddly though, while I dont think there is an Urban commander per se, its units are quite effective in urban combat which doesn't make much sense since the OKW mainly fought the Western Allies in the not-so-urban plains, forested, rural, and town-filled French and Belgian areas. It also doesn't make sense why OKW has a Fortification commander when judging by the Ardennes Assault time frame, the OKW army during the Battle of the Bulge were wholly offensive-minded and they didn't really dig in (also since after the Battle of the Bulge, the OKW were depleted of men and equipment to put up much of a stubborn resistance against the Western Armies)

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    8 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 339

    Match maker doesnt give USF to escape from urban battles, can not bring history into game balance.
    For now the only USF commander to useful in urban is Heavy cal, USF lacks of non-doc cqc infantry, Ranger & Paratroop are the only choice for now, Im glad Mechanize will have Cal-riflemen in the future (but Cal-riflemen doesnt have lethal grenade to MG in buildings)

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    8 months ago
    pablonanopablonano YesterdayPosts: 2,549

    to be fair it sounds just like a reorganization of existing units and skill, it may be great, but not something i would like to see added.

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    8 months ago
    Grenades of usf are generally useless against garrison mg nest and might as well skip mortar which is meh at garrisons to get 75mm which is only thing currently we have that can. Also close range infintry yes I agree are a pain which is why we need 2v1. Throw in lack of non doctrinal artillery usf has a few holes their arsenal.
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    8 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 339

    @pablonano said:
    to be fair it sounds just like a reorganization of existing units and skill, it may be great, but not something i would like to see added.

    They said no new brand new unit in new commanders, just un-used units & reorganization abilities. And Cal-riflemen & sniper are un-used units

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