Osttruppen: then and now

1 year ago

Originally, the Osttruppen doctrine was designed to provide numerous squads to support other units. the doctrine converted it's fuel to munitions, so it would often have no tanks, but would always have a lot of infantry and panzerfausts. the osttruppen cost 160 each, but this represented a massive saving against the more powerful grenadiers.

since fuel to munitions was flat out removed, and osttruppen were made more expensive, this doctrine makes a lot less sense. the osttruppen are now 200 each for about the same combat effectiveness relatively, representing only a 40 saving over the more powerful grens, and the already manpower starved doctrine has to pay out 200 manpower if it wants to drop munitions. it will now always get tanks and often only get a couple of osttruppen.

really, the changes to this doctrine make the gameplay far more similar to other german doctrines, although i could say this about a lot of the unique doctrines which have over time been made far less special, interesting and different. the doctrine originally went all out for infantry and weapon teams, holding the line with hundreds of brave osttruppen, up to 300 models! - but now there would be no reason to ever have so many osttruppen, since the fuel you have would just sit burning a hole in your pocket all game and you'd have no munitions or manpower.


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    1 year ago

    i'd suggest returning osttruppen (and rear echelons) to 160-180MP

    i'd also suggest returning the fuel to munitions ability, possibly at 10% increased cost to the past. the thing is that this ability allowed a non-armor player to focus on infantry effectively by immediately converting their fuel to panzerfausts.

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    1 year ago

    also, since a new doctrine is getting osttruppen, it would be interesting to offer the osttruppen from this doctrine ambush camo or something so they're at least different from defensive.

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    1 year ago

    you are leaving out the other changes that ostroppen received: they used to be unable to cap territory and were only at most serviceable when in cover.
    as they are now they are still great units, 6 man crew allows for meat shield role, their reduced price over grens give you more map control, their cheap reinforcement costs and low time means halftrack support makes them bloody hard to dig out... they have a faust, now can upgrade to lmgs in late game... you get ALOT of value in ostroppen and they fill a hole in the ost roster

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