Luftwaffe supply doctrine, luftwaffe close air support: then and now

1 year ago

on release, (ignoring the hilarious bugs with medic crates being uncapturable by the enemy), the luftwaffe supply doctrine was very fun to play. you'd dig in with a bunch of medic crates that buffed and continuously healed your men during combat, ( similar to how a soviet can sit outside a field HQ, buffed by its AOE, ) and then call in airdops for your allies.

while i think supply drops were nerfed a bit, and the crates certainly were, i think a few small changes could make this doctrine more competitive.

the medic crates were hit with the nerfhammer immediately after the bug with them was found, and they were generally thought to be fairly OP. i'd suggest changing their current in-combat effect to include a one-time heal if the crates are picked up in combat. this would allow them to be used as constant supplies in a similar but more expensive way to their original design. right now it's very rare to even see this doc, let alone people playing the crates. compared to urban defense this is peanuts honestly. it might also be because it's now far less unique.

Luftwaffe close air support doctrine was one of the highest skillcap and highest potency infantry doctrines when it was first introduced. it was another doctrine that sacrificed tanks for munitions, but instead of panzerfausts, this doctrine bought planes to the field.

while it could be very frustrating to play against, the cost of all of your fuel going down the drain for more planes was obviously balanced by the fact that this means your opponent has all his fuel still, and those strafing runs only come once and they're gone.

personally i'd suggest simply re-introducing the fuel to munitions ability for this doctrine, not least because it physically makes sense to be able to spend your fuel on planes and not tanks.

the current supply drop ability was originally unique to luftwaffe supply doctrine on wehr, but now there seem to be a handfull of "supply doctrines" - making luftwaffe far less distinct than it's partner with the cheap strafe or even osttruppen.

if you think it's too OP to give a doctrine with stuka bombs fuel to mun, then why don't they just remove stukas and replace them with something like a luftwaffe field artillery officer, or some passive upgrades like the flakvierling and heavy defences pack from OKW, or even a 3 man squad of fallschrimjaegers or something. an airborne squad would make sense in one of the luftwaffe doctrines right?


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