German infantry doctrine

1 year ago

This is a rarely seen doctrine because it's not even particularly good at what it says "on the tin"

-tactical movement
-relief infantry
-light artillery
-frag bomb

there's just nothing meaty in there at all, but i think the doctrine can be fixed with a few little changes around the place.

-Sergeant (upgrade - 80manpower, adds 1 model, like the DOW2 ones)
-Superior fortifications pioneers (2 man pioneers who can make everything from coh1-style medic bunkers that reclaim dead models and eventually spawn squads.)
-Fire up (cheap squad ability rather than expensive commander ability)
-Gear truck (a simple opel blitz that will drop off a few infantry weapons like panzershrecks and then leave automatically. it's cost is in fuel and manpower rather than munitions, though.)

the doctrine still has light artillery on the officer so idk why that ability is even in this doctrine tbh.


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