Feedback after playing 1.3 revamp test

1 year ago

the changes to german infantry doctrine and defensive doctrine are great. they're now actually fairly strong doctrines. the 5 man squads add a bunch of firepower and survivability, and they aren't too cheap to upgrade. that said, i'm not so sure this is the right doctrine for stormtroopers.

defensive doctrine had hulldown replaced with osttruppen. this was a great change because it allows defensive players to easily recrew vehicles and quickly establish massive defensive lines. the problem is that osttruppen are still a lot more expensive than they used to be. i'd like it if they could be taken down in price to 180.

another gripe with this is that it gives us one less reason to play osttruppen doctrine. it's basically the same but with tank traps. personally i think osttruppen should get fuel to munitions back so people can concentrate on mass infantry tactics, along with the reduced cost by 20mp/squad

i only played wehr, but one gripe i have is that OKW seems to underperform, since their volks are fairly weak without upgrades and their sturmpios are similar to normal pios now. maybe volks need early game buff with 6 or even 7 men.

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