3vs3 maps

2 years ago

I find the 3vs3 map pool a bit too small. Back in the day there was Rzhev, Wolfs Lair, Petrovs House etc. These days most of these maps are out of rotation and you can make a custom game to play them again and download them from the workshop, the problem is that with custom game most of the time the map is not downloading for the other players. There are a lot of 4vs4 maps that count as 3vs3 which is something I don't get, I cant imagine that there are people who like to play steppes on 3vs3 etc.

TL;DR It would be cool if Relic would bring back some of the old 3vs3 maps and don't use 4vs4 maps as 3vs3 maps.

This is of course just my opinion so I would like to know what other 3vs3 players think about this.

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