Videos demonstrating bugs, Request of Russian community

2 years ago
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Dear development team of Steam game Company of Heroes 2, Relic Entertaiment and SEGA,
My ingame nickname's MR. Nobody and i'm representing russian community, streaming YouTube channel
After several years of developing the game many bugs and errors were not fixed, and our community is displeased with this.
We request You to fix the biggest bugs, which really hinder the normal game and can influence at outcome of battle.

Here's the list of next bugs:

  • impossibility of normal entering of units into the building ("looks like dancing squad");
  • partial inoperability of mortar squads (does not execute the commands, does not execute the command of lightning shell)
  • bugged AT guns, epecially Soviet ZIS-6, as a complete immobility, and the immortality of wiped out the unit;
  • sometimes the direction / radius of mg squads (machine guns ) sets incorrectly and other calculations;
  • armored vehicles are passing through each other;
  • retreating squads don't executing orders and can't retreat;
  • squads are stucking behind the shelters, and also engineers block themselves by a barbed wire;
  • producing supporting structures with units from buildings
  • a sniper fires on armored vehicles;
  • armored vehicles get drown ashore;
  • resetting the graphics settings when you enter the game;
  • retreated units re bunching at base;
  • frequent connection breaks, bug splat, pink buildings and environment, synchronization errors;
  • low pefromance on pretty goods PC's
  • etc.

Pls see these one at video link attached:

We hope that you take action to fix these bugs and errors to not upset your audience.

MR. Nobody



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