Sudden LAG hack

8 months ago

So I was playing this 2v2, as the match started my team mate dropped. Well i was thinkin of dropping too cuz no point trusting the AI, but decided to test my luck. Things worked well for the AI and it rekd the asian werhm player and i was reking the asian OKW player's blob on my side (both low ranked players). We were holding all the VPs, both fuel and winning the game. ALL OF A SUDDEN, there was this LAG, I had nothing running on the background. I have a very decent gaming PC. And, this never happened before. My CPU usage went super high (90%) and the whole game was laggy. Exactly after the lag started, both the asian players started playing aggressive. I couldn't do anything due to the LAG and left the game.

Has it ever happened to anyone else before? Is it really a hack??



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    8 months ago

    This has happened to me, and I have suspected the same exact thing. It has prompted me to look up a ton of threads. The official response is very troubling-- deny, deny, deny-- but anyone with a brain knows there are tons of situations where the timing of this sort of lag, exactly as you respond, could not be merely coincidental.

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