CoH1 Riflement Retexture - Which order do I layer them in?

9 months ago

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on trying to retexture the uniforms of the allied riflement squad in CoH1

Effectively I just want to change the soldiers top so that it is a green color - the same color as the pants and helmet. I am trying to make them look more like Vietnam era US soldiers.

I have changed the color but ingame the soldiers appear quite dark. It is obvious that I am doing something wrong.

There is a whole list of files that seem to relate the the uniform:

These files all look similar - but some have the uniform in black, others in all white.

At the moment I have tried just editing the and then exporting that. But I thought that editing the one file may be the reason that the soldier appears kind of dark - or as if a shadow is cast upon him.

So I tried editing this file and then adding all the rest as a layer - still same problem. Also, is there any way to tell which file should be the bottom layer and which should be the middle and top?

I mean some of these files just show the soldiers uniform all colored white while others show the uniform all colored black...

Any advice?

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